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On the list of the coolest companies in India (Business Today, Sep 2005), Happily Unmarried started as a one stop shop for people living on their own, providing services like accommodation, furniture on hire, rugs, curtains, kitchen essentials, but later shut everything else down and focussed on creating quirky Indian products. The creators have a whacky sense of humour and their packaging makes for a good read.

The Indian Handpump Bottle Stopper

The Dhobi Ghaat Photoframe

The traditional Indian iron box ashtray

Indian Standard Time

One Response to “Design Feature > Happily Unmarried”

  1. 1 Chippy Gangjee

    Is THIS where these designs Originated?
    A number of them are utterly Brilliant ;o])!!!
    The Indian penchant seems to be: If you like something/It is striking ~ Plagiarise :o( !

    But these are really unique and wonderful.
    Carry on guys you’re doing super work

    Chippy Gangjee

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