Discovered! Memories of a Butterfly


Conceptualised in 2007, Memories of a Butterfly specializes in Bead Curtains and Murals. They say ‘Bead Curtains not only allow for a play with color, light and texture, but also enable us to create natural connectors between spaces. They have the ability to create privacy without disconnecting an area from the rest of the house, office, bar or restaurant’. I like their experiments with patterns, especially the Ikkat and graphics. Apart from curtains, MOAB also has box lamps, hanging lamps and candle stands with intricate bead work.

Materials they use: Pure Glass, Acrylic Crystal, treated PVC, stained or sprayed Acrylic, Australian Shell, Bone and Wood etc.

The MOAB Team: Sreeti Mondol, +91 9845508083, Bangalore. Sriram Sunder +91 9880395452, Bangalore. Malini Mundle, +91 9810797037, New Delhi. Contact them if you’d like to see a brochure or would like to see samples in person.

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  1. 1 Sunali Goenka

    Hi,We are a design firm based in Mumbai,”INTERACTIVE PENCIL”.
    We would like to have a look at your entire portfolio.
    Also let us know about the pricing & delivery formalities.

    pls contact us on the email id mentioned above.
    Pls forward us your contact details as well.


    Sunali Goenka.

  2. 2 anjali jinsiwale

    hey mam just read abt u chicken soup..indian soul….it was inspiring…i read it out to my son who is 14 yrs old n suffering frm stills disease for almost 6 months…a type of rhuemetoid arthritis in children…i hope he too gets a fine piece of chocolate…its a pain to see my son suffering…he is coping up with lot of will power…thanks mam for the inspiring writting….anjali jinsiwale..mumbai

    • 3 memories of a butterfly

      Dear Anjali,

      So very touched by your msg.
      i just want to say that i am sure one can make things better and you can pretty much choose your piece of chocolate given a difficult situation.
      I hope you have good doctors looking after him and advising you in the best possible way. he too will find his way to make his own suffering lesser, its amazing how the human body and mind finds its own coping mechanisms.

      so on my part can i suggest MAYOVEDIC OIL. it was a great pain relief to me post operation. and has many other healing effects and claims to help in rheumatoid arthritis as well.. . i still use it. in bangalore i can buy it from any pharmacy im not sure of its availability in mumbai. so if you are keen on trying it please do call me and i can send you some bottles via courier from here…. 919845508083.

      all the best anjali, and i look fwd to hearing from you.



  3. 4 Shubha Rao

    Hi Sreeti,
    I have just posted a comment on your website. I forgot to request for a brochure. Could you please email me a brochure and maybe ballpark cost figures so that I can see if it fits my budget?? I need a chic partition between formal and family rooms (one size of4’x5′ or 2 sets of 2’x3′ ea)

    Thanks! and Awesome work 🙂


  4. 5 Reshma

    Gr8 stuff.Can u pls email me ur brocure pls.

    • 6 sreeti

      hey reshma,

      cant access ur email id,
      pls feel free to call me on +91 9845508083

  5. 7 Jayanti Bhattacharya

    Great stuff Sreeti – really interesting work! please send me an online brochure..would love to send it to a few friends aswell 🙂

  6. 8 MVN RAO

    Your work is just out-of-the-world. I am simply stunned !!!
    Would love to hear from you and see your brochure.

  7. 9 Bhakti

    Hi, I so liked the curtains. So colorful n vibrant. I would want to have a look at the lamps for my home. Can I see some snaps of those?

  8. 10 sreeti

    chitra Hi
    thanks so much.
    have mailed you on your gmail our complete portfolio!
    look forward to hearing from you.
    Memories of a Butetrfly

    • 11 Olivia

      could i please have some rates/brochure. Where can we buy your curtains ? they are simply gorgeous.

      • 12 memories of a butterfly

        Hi Olivia,

        Would love to hear from you so please call me at +91 9845508083 and I can share more detailed information.

        Also, you can see more on our weblink

        Memories of a Butetrfly

  9. 13 sreeti

    Hi Aseera, sorry didnt get back to you earlier! Rates can vary really. but ball park starting from Rs7k to 25k depending on material, design, density of stings etc

  10. these are just beautiful…………….something I have been looking for for a long time…

  11. 15 Aseera Momin

    could u plz tel me the estimate cost of a door beaded curtain?????

  12. 16 sreeti

    hi renuka,
    would love to share our work with you.
    why don’t you give me a call on the numbers listed above and we can coordinate.
    are you in Bangalore?

  13. 17 renuka ramnathkar

    hi saw the bead curtains in inside outside could u send me a brochure with the cost my door measurements are length 80 inches width 38 inches thanks renuka

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