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I planted two fruit trees with them, and it was a wonderful experience. Here’s what they do, from the horses’ mouth:

We plant trees for free to heal the earth. As of now, we do this in Bangalore only. So if you know any place where a tree can take root and flourish, let us know. We’ll do the rest. You’re welcome to join us as a volunteer or a “tree planting member” (one who gives 100 rupees to plant a tree, every month). We also plant trees as a living tribute to your birthday, anniversary, or any other day that you want us to. If you like what we do, then feel free to spread the good word about our work. Speak to your friends, family, your company’s CSR department..do whatever it takes to spread some greenery and heal the earth.

The team at Meridian Bangalore, N Ramesh and Vinod Lal Heera Eshwar, created this wonderful guerrilla campaign at Cubbon Park for www.treesforfree.org for which they just won a Clio Gold at Miami for best environmental design, got written about in PAGE, a leading German magazine and the website is being featured in a German book called ‘Design Ecology”. Visit their blog for more pictures of the Cubbon Park campaign.

The other work the duo did was a 30 ad campaign for WWF, which won every advertising design award there was to win, apart from doing a hell of a lot of good by garnering immense interest from NGOs and individuals across India and the world.

Find the other 29 ads, check their flickr page.

5 Responses to “I support > www.treesforfree.org”

  1. Hi

    Nice Idea.
    why don’t you look at chennai…..? I think chennai needs more…green…

  2. 2 mahesh kamath


    I want to plant a tree in honour of my friend. Nearer to Indiranagar, M.G Road and if possible in a park would be better.Let me know how you can help me.

  3. 3 huzefa taher

    dear sir, i want to plant 3-4 trees in front of my shop.

  4. 4 huzefa taher

    dear sir, i want to grow 3 to 4 nice shady trees in front of my shop as there is plenty of open space availale.

  5. 5 learneronboard

    Jeez! At the risk of sounding cliched..’it’s a small world’.. I used to volunteer with TreesForFree. When did you go planting with TFF?

    The Meridian team is doing a wonderful job for them. Their work is simple, yet extremely innovative. I loved the whole starbursts concept and the logic behind the Cubbon Park campaign.

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