Just Found! Paul Sandip’s everyday objects


Paul has been a journalist, socio-cartoonist, set designer and electrical engineer prior to being a practicing product designer. He is married and lives with his wife, a toy designer, in Noida.

ATE is a double bladed stainless steel pencil sharpener which sharpens large and small pencils to a comfortable sharp tip. Best feature > single cut twin blade / rubberized end rims for softer edges / satin finish Awards > red dot award : design concept 2007 / Jindal Stainless Innovation Award’

CLIP slides onto the clothesline. It is a single piece injection molded component with reduced number of components. Best Feature > Can be used both sides / Recycled Plastic / Convenient for aged, arthritic people / low production cost / No rust Awards > Winner of ORGANIC AWARDS 2007, San Francisco, CA

SPOO has an ergonomically twisted grip that keeps wrists from turning. The soft tip ensures that it is safe for tender gums of the 3+ month olds. Best Feature > Suited for both left and right-handed parents.

DUSTIN For easy and efficient clean up. Thinner front edge for improved dirt pick up. Durable, one-piece construction in PP. Best Feature > When bins are less wide than Dustin, you can reverse the flow of dust through the handle.

DISPOSABLE MUG > Every day millions of passengers travel by it. Indians prefer water to toilet paper and use all sorts of materials in the lavatory – plastic mug, plastic cups, empty mineral water bottles, plastic glass or toilet paper. This Mug can hold up to 1.2 litres of water and is made out of a single sheet of handmade paper by a technique called surface development. Best feature > It turns to pulp when disposed. Awards > Winner of Business World Design Excellence Award 2004 : Best Indian Concept

While a few are under production, Paul Sandip is currently looking for manufacturers interested in buying his designs. Contact Paul Sandip via his blog or view his complete portfolio.

10 Responses to “Just Found! Paul Sandip’s everyday objects”

  1. 1 Paramesh

    hi sandeep,
    u have done nice work, cup, clip, …..,
    but market is still with xyz products, what’s about this ??

    Student – MSRSAS

  2. 2 navanitha

    wow! wonderful designs.You are really talented!

  3. 3 kadambari

    wowwwwwwwwww the sharpner is fantastic , great work

  4. yes Alis …we do have such things in India…but not in the lavatories of Indian Railways!…hence the Disposable Mug! 🙂

  5. Very good approach.
    Do you have water faucets in toilets in India? I’m Turkish, and here all toilets have a tiny tap, like the one seen here:

    Funny how I haven’t seen this very convenient faucet in any other country!

  6. 6 Srikanth

    Awesome stuff. I think the disposable mug has great potential for packaging as well.

    I discover something new everytime I visit indiabydesign, great show 🙂

  7. 7 Rajiv Majumdar

    This is great stuff. Love the sharpener and the dust pan.

    Kudos to Paul! Look forward to more exciting designs from you.

    Also, great going Sones, love your selections.

  8. 8 Ashutosh Narain

    I have been following Sandip’s work for some time now and I can definitely say that what all of us have seen above is just the beginning of many of his beautiful designs to follow. A genius in development and only time will tell how much an impact he leaves on the common man’s life !!

    My best wishes to you Sandip and keep up the good work.

  9. Hey! thanks for appreciating my efforts! 🙂

  10. just too cool!

    what makes it really cool is the fact that these are so everyday objects… that’s what hits you actually… if these were futuristically designed coffee makers or some electronic gadgets, i don’t think it would have felt as impressed!

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