Caught my eye > NN Rimzon, Brighu Sharma, Ratheesh T, Rajan Krishnan


Speaking Stones, 1998 by NN Rimzon . Now showing at Kashi Art Gallery as part of the ONLY ONE series.

Brighu Sharma; pictures via ArtConcerns

Ratheesh T, Young and Old, 2004

Ore by Rajan Krishnan, now showing at OED basement.

3 Responses to “Caught my eye > NN Rimzon, Brighu Sharma, Ratheesh T, Rajan Krishnan”

  1. 1 Dhanya

    interesting works..!

  2. 2 Kunal B

    Hey Kav,

    As always you have outdone yourself. Wish I could muster this kind of dedication to update my blog. Btw I have your blog on my RSS now so will get informed as and when you update it. Kusum is a huge fan of your blog and has been recommending it to our friends here in Doha.

    Keep ’em posts coming Kav, will see you when we are in Bombay next. 🙂

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