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Culinary celebrity Marut Sikka’s daytime café turned evening sit-down, Magique, in the Garden of five senses is set in a Delhi public park. This Asian fusion restaurant designed by Lotus Design has created quite a buzz since it opened last year. Indian by Design serves up assorted pictures garished with a quirky identity. (p.s: I have been warned that the pictures don’t do justice to the magical ambience of the place. Leave a comment if you’ve actually been there)

– The Magique Brand Identity –

“The identity was created using decorative iconography, which was developed especially for Magique. The main illustration of a tree, that holds all the iconic forms together, was used on the main menu cover.” – infoman

Designed by Lotus Design. Brand Identity by Infomen. Magique, Gate 3, Garden of Five Senses, Said ul Ajaib, New Delhi 110 030. Phone: 29536767, 46008333.

3 Responses to “Interior Feature > Magique, New Delhi”

  1. 1 salil1

    I had a perfect candle light dinner at this place. The ambience and food is just amazing.

  2. 2 Vaibhav

    This place looks and feels a lot better when you’re right there at night!! You feel like you’ve been transported to the middle of the Mediterranean.

  3. 3 Mansi

    Brilliant menu concept…simply amazing..

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