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Kavita and Shami gifted me a Salman Khan cushion cover, hand-painted by a hoarding artist. It was quirky and very kitsch, and my introduction to Varsha Sharma’s work. But after seeing more of what she does, I am partial to her weaves and threads and fabrics. A graduate in Textile Design from NID, she started Anek Taanka a couple of years ago. Anek Taanka means infinite stitches. And her work is filled with it. She says “my challenge is to create pieces of textile that could inspire spaces to be designed around them rather than the other way around.” It is a big promise to make and I do hope that she does so, it would be wonderful to experience such a thing. Here are some of my picks of her work.

Cushion Covers

Blinds and Curtains


The product line at Anek Taanka includes beddings, bedspreads, cushions, curtains, drapes, tablewear, mats, runners and accessories like bags, lampshades. Apart from this Varsha works with architects and interior designers, and also does fabric wall art, murals, fabric sculptures and customised home furnishings for residences, hotels and restaurants. See more of Varsha Sharma’s work, where she retails or how to get in touch with her at

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  1. Hi, can you please get in touch with us as we would like to work with you.
    99860 27350

  2. 2 Rizvi

    Hello, really loved the designs. unfortunately can’t seem to find the contact details of Varsha Sharma anywhere, does she have a store or boutique? would love to buy some. do let me know if i can contact her.

  3. 3 shibani shetty

    I am a Student in the First Year Diploma for Textile design at the Srishti College of Art Design and Technology.
    I really like your work and would love to get in touch with you about the possibility of an internship this summer (May-June 2011).

  4. Dear Varsha

    I am a fan of your work from some time now and have been thinking about how I could keep some of your stuff in my store Dhoop in Bombay. While Dhoop is a boutique where we keep hand crafted products with a special stress on natural fibres and hope to promote and support Indian craft we have a very small range of textiles. Would love to keep some of your work at the store, and was thinking abou how we could do this differently, by launching it with a particular theme or idea. Firstly, if you would even be interested.

    So let me know and please do get in touch..if you would like to talk about this, you could call me on my mobile at 9820302195

    Thanks and Regards

    P.S. – we have a facebook group for Dhoop where you could look us up!

  5. 5 Nidhi Negi

    very gud collection

  6. Thank you for linking me Lindsay. 🙂

  7. All beautiful but the shingle pillow belongs in a museum. Absolutely amazing. I hope it’s okay that I’ve linked to your blog, which I’ve really enjoyed reading.

  8. 8 ashita

    hi i am pg student(textile)doing my last semister. Can i apply for a diploma project.

  9. You’ll find a list of the retail stores, where her products are available, here:

  10. HI, where is this available?

  11. 11 learneronboard

    and i went ‘wow’!!!!

    there is a joke in my family about my sister and her obsession with cushion covers…so i have seen them in various sizes, fabrics, designs, prints etc. but Varsha Sharma’s work is just amazing.

    I guess i just found my next perfect gift for my sis! thankee 🙂

  12. So unique, wish we got more such stuff in Bombay!:(

  13. sheer genius this woman and my bum chum!! was waiting to read this feature!

  1. 1 Shingle pillow by Anek Taanka | Ouno Design

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