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In conversation with Anupam Poddar, Devi Art Foundation

Anupam Poddar, Background: Atul Dodiya, B for Bapu Oil on Canvas, Metal Shutter

IndianByDesign:Can one clearly distinguish between art and what is not art, today?
Anupam Poddar: I think it is still easy to tell what is ‘art’- the sanctioned and sanctified object. It is not as if we have moved much beyond that system of objects called ‘art’ as much as the system itself has become more inclusive, it’s modes of operation still quite the same… it has become sharper and more cunning though. On a completely personal note, I am often trying to find a continuum between art and architecture.

IndianByDesign: What would you like this space to stand for? To mean to those who visit it?
Anupam Poddar: The words you used for it- honest and poetic are quite spot on. That would be exactly the kind of space that we imagined. I also want it to be a reflective space, especially since it stands in such great contrast to the spate of glass-and-steel buildings in Gurgaon. I definitely want it to be a space that forces you to pause and consider a number of things- to put it very broadly about the kind of times we live in, about the experiences that we now take for granted or alternatively those that we have become oblivious to. I would also like it for it to be a space where we do look beyond the current climate of the art world into a more meaningful vision for the future.

IndianByDesign: This is your private collection. Would you later invite others to share the space as well?
Anupam Poddar: We are going to invite artists to make site specific works, so in that sense we are already getting others to make their interventions in the space. We are open to hosting artists who are not a part of the collection as well, but we will work that out on a case-to-case basis.

IndianByDesign: Will this space create in the future or live on as an art observatory?
Anupam Poddar: I believe as time progresses both will happen.

Anupam Poddar picture courtesy daimler art

3 Responses to “Art Feature > Devi Art Foundation Contd…”

  1. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,cant that be applied to art too? That it resonates on a very intimate and personal level, that each being is different, and thus their perception of what is and is not art to them?

  2. K! I love this new blog of urs, so totally you:)

  3. i am truely proud and jealous at the same time….. proud becos we have people like this in India, and jealous becos i wish i had the sensibilities to understand art the way they do….i am budding collecter and love to read about people who have aced the whole concept…love to know their secret

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