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A design representation for ‘Can anything be beautiful?’. Created for W+K SIDE in London, by Latheesh Lakshman who emphatically believed yes. This is his series – India, everyday life.

15 Responses to “Graphic Feature > Latheesh Lakshman”

  1. 1 apple

    sir i have seen this many times\\\ any thing new,,,,lol

  2. nice stuff..

  3. nice.different.

    good luck 🙂

  4. 4 suresh manian

    I’m now totally holding my breath for Indian design. Great stuff!

  5. 5 anil


    This is grate man, i love your works man, grate


  6. 6 Tina

    sooper coolio Lathesh! 😀

  7. 7 Rajshekar

    Hey latheesh!
    was wondering where u disappeared… nice work.. what else is up with you? finished studying?

  8. Lovely new work , refreshing! Off late I have met 2 people who have moved from advtg to painting full time (Mohan from Lintas, Ajai from ogilvy) and this is the 3rd instance whr I see someone take to potent designs – tho I dont know Lathesh. Great re-inventions, ALL 3:)

  9. 9 kavitha balakrishnan

    hi man these r luvly n dark n deep… potential designs of ‘New Indian’ thats similar ‘new creeds’ of blacks Tais philipinos chinese or manybodies !!! still some of us startd thinkin like lizards..(the whole roof sustained by us)…
    wats ur assinment in london now? u wer in O&M? anyway, good works…go ahead with truly global designs..good luck

  10. wow. i love the work. my favourite is the first one here.

  11. 11 Lathesh Lakshman

    Hi Gautam,
    Lol…. its not about being quiet! The only one language i am good at is Malayalam..
    so i was a nice guy all the time at Ogilvy. Your conclusion is a great compliment for me..

    Praveen macha,
    Its not W+K asked me to do! W+K SIDE is, something they worked last year for young designers.
    yea, i am doing more on this series..

  12. 12 Lathesh Lakshman

    Vinod lal. Yess sir, The same Latheeshmon from Ogilvee and malayalee!
    Yea i wish to do like you said..

  13. 13 Praveen

    Latheesh has always been a “different” artist. No wonder W+K asked him to work on this. Amazing stuff, macha! Waiting to see lots more….

  14. 14 gautam dev

    Very quiet chap was Lateesah.
    Looks like he’s trying to come to terms with his commie past and his boozy present.
    His style remains unique. Wish I had kept those caricatures he used to doodle.

  15. 15 vinod lal

    i’d love to see the second one painted all over India:)

    ps: is this the same lateesh mon from ogilvee and malayalee?

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