Chai @ LaxmiNiwas, the Rathod residence


Samira Rathod’s home is tucked away from the road, in Breach Candy. Trees and birds and silence fills the pathway to her ground floor residence. The long narrow corridor that the front door opens to splits the home halfway. The Living, Dining and Master Bedroom on the left and the children’s room and kitchen on the right. Giant ceilings, large windows, it seems more like a lazy Goan Villa. A balcony runs from the Living to the Dining, ensuring her labrador has many exits and entries to rush in through.

The Living Room

A peek into the Dining from the Living

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

Soft diffused light over the Dining area

The lovely diffused light above the Dining area

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

The Bubblewrap Blind that lets in beautiful muted light

Her daughter's bedroom

Her daughter

Lots of corners to sit and read in, the absence of walls in one of the rooms, graffiti walls where her children go crazy, very home like feel even with her quirky furniture lying around, the window seat in her bedroom where I sat and had chai and watched birds, the loungable sitting in the living room. The home is designed with care and attention to detail, but it doesn’t overwhelm you – it is a living, working home, and very welcoming.

9 Responses to “Chai @ LaxmiNiwas, the Rathod residence”

  1. 1 amol

    Simply gr8 work.. thanks for sharing nice article.

  2. My dream in life is to become an interior designer,architect and designer……she’s an inspiration to me…….and i will hang on to my dreams.

  3. 3 Annmm

    While its simple and minimalist – the house doesn’t feel homly. – feels very impersonal. Maybe that’s Samira’s style – all her other houses that I saw on this website also gave me the same feeling….verry impersonal and hotel like.

  4. What an earthly home!! Simple & beautiful.. instantly takes you to another land. However… sure lacks a some colour. I think colours are the most important part of your life… so experiment with them.

  5. 5 Neha

    what strikes me most is the lack of color.

  6. Simple and elegant, I love the clean lines and the warmth of the decor. — Rekha

  7. So minimal and yet warm. Thanx for showing us this beautiful home. Did you take the pictures yourself? It captures the sense of space beautifully.

  8. 8 Latheesh Lakshman

    Give me this home………………please..

  9. aesthetic, earthly feel, simple yet modern, funtional style
    thanks for putting this up..a balcony right from the drawing to the dining opens a whole new set of possibilities other than for the labrador !!
    i just love the use of space, very welcoming indeed 🙂

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