Just spotted! Jigisha Patel


Jigisha Patel, a textile designer, trained at NID Ahmedabad. Seen here, her explorations in felt. She works with the natural colour of wool, uses only 100% Merino, and is inspired, among other things, by Indian architecture. A look at a few pieces from her collection.

Created for her final project at NID and titled 'Jigisha Rug'

Created for her final project at NID and titled 'Jigisha Rug'



Badam Flower

Badam Flower

Her work can be found on her blog.


7 Responses to “Just spotted! Jigisha Patel”

  1. 1 krithika

    brilliant work……:)very natural and soothing!!!

  2. 2 Kavita

    You could get in touch via her blog or mail her at – jigisha7(at)gmail(dot)com


  3. 3 heeral

    fantastic work. Is there a place from where these pieces are retailed?

  4. I met someone from W omens Weaver weeks ago and she was telling me fascinating stories of how they are cross breeding yarn ( natural of course) from one state and merging it with another states art/craft to come up with an hybrid which is delightful!

  5. Thanks to Vineeta for featuring you:-) It’s lovely to ‘meet’another inspiring Indian design blogger:-)

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. 6 Rajiv Majumdar

    Very cool stuff! Look forward to seeing more.

  7. beautiful..natural color of wool is quite pleasing to the eye after all 🙂

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