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*An Indian By Design Exclusive* A photographer by interest and instinct rather than by profession, Srikanth has a great eye for subjects and situations. I have three of his prints hanging on my wall at home and am featuring many more here.

*An Indian By Design Exclusive* Mom Made Co is the brainchild of Bhautik Siddhapura who decided to hand make all his t-shirts. Each one is numbered, handpainted and unique. Here are a few of them.

A friend sent me a link to Mann Singh’s work. He works on varied things from lights to furniture to accessories and most of his work has a poetic bent. Featuring a few of his explorations. Mann+Siddhartha

For me luxury means the ability to surround yourself with an abundance of pure and natural materials.” – Anita Lal, Creative Head, Good Earth

*An Indian By Design Exclusive* The first thing that strikes you about Samira is that she’s extremely passionate. I met her at the opening of the Devi Arts Foundation, in the midst of a sandstorm, her hair flying as wildly as her hands, as she shared her thoughts on modern Indian Architecture and design criticism […]