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*An Indian By Design Exclusive* Bijoy Jain’s works remind me of a refuge, a sanctuary. Almost as if he was recreating spaces he finds comfort in – an underlying wish for peace. I visited his office and had a conversation over good coffee. About his projects, architecture, even why the interiors of all his projects […]

*An Indian By Design Exclusive* I stumbled upon Bombay Electric a long time ago, while waiting for a friend to turn up. The light pole outside had a stunning face, like a bohemian 70 s star, with a bindi and high hair and the signage did justice to the name. I walked in, past the […]

I stumbled upon Bhuri Bai’s work on Hervé Perdriolle’s blog and was fascinated by her imagination and craft. Found the interesting works of Jangarh Singh Shyam and Jivya Soma Mashe as well. Presenting all three. Bhuri Bai, Bhill Tribe