Three Tribal Artists > Bhuri Bai, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Jivya Soma Mashe


I stumbled upon Bhuri Bai’s work on Hervé Perdriolle’s blog and was fascinated by her imagination and craft. Found the interesting works of Jangarh Singh Shyam and Jivya Soma Mashe as well. Presenting all three.

Bhuri Bai, Bhill Tribe

Story of a Jungle, 70 by 93 in. (178 by 236 cm.)

Bhuri Bai, Story of a Jungle, 70 by 93 in. (178 by 236 cm.)

1999, acrylic and paper, 60 x 50 cm.

1999, acrylic and paper, 60 x 50 cm.

1999, acrylic and paper

1999, acrylic and paper

Jangarh Singh Shyam, Gond




Jivya Soma Moshe, Warli




Images courtesy Hervé Perdriolle, art critic and exhibition commissioner. His various blogs and the collection Old Masters chronicle a selection of artists, including Bhuri Bai, Jivya Soma Mashe, Jangarh Singh Shyam.

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  1. “Rashtriya Kala Utsav 2013” – A National Exhibition for Traditional, Tribal and Folk arts.
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  2. For all those looking for original Gond artworks, by NikkiSingh Ureti the nephew of Jungarh Singh Shyam or by Warli Master Jivya Soma Mashe and others of this family – contact bCA Galleries –

    In fact, some of the images of Warli art on Herve Predriolle’s blog are from our site – including the Ant which is displayed on this blog

  3. great making i can’t what beuti the artist paste on painting what beuti and reality they bring ancint indian type of art have in their hands

  4. cher luc denis, ce serait extraordinaire si vous pouviez retouver ce contact, mon mail pour ce joindre directement : perdriolleherve at orange point fr

  5. 6 Luc DENIS

    Ce message à Monsieur Hervé Perdriolle dont j’ai lu l’article sur Yves Véquaud, celui qui découvrit l’art du Mithila dans les années 60.
    Yves Véquaud fut l’un de mes plus proches amis, je possède d’ailleurs une peinture du Mithila qu’il m’a offerte.
    Par pudeur, il s’est éloigné des siens durant la longue maladie qui l’a emporté et je ne sais pas moi non plus où se trouve actuellement sa collection. Il est mort avant sa mère, morte à son tour depuis, mais qui avait sans doute hérité de lui auparavant.
    Il est possible également qu’il ait fait un don manuel de toutes ces choses à l’ami qui vivait avec lui durant ses derniers mois de vie, un garçon polonais dont j’ai oublié le nom mais que je pense pouvoir retrouver si cela vous intéresse toujours.
    Dites-moi cela.
    Avec mes meilleurs sentiments.
    Luc Denis

  6. 7 dhruvank

    Can anyone tell me where i can get hold of one of these works? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    • 8 Padmaja Srivastava

      You can email us..We work closely with these artists

      • 9 tulika

        please send me some images of works of gond artist . i am interested in buying and live in bhilai chattisgarh.

      • 10 Ankita

        Hey …. It was great seeing your blog and these images.

        I am doing my dissertatio on Gondi Art, if you can help me on some issues it would be great thing for me !!

        Regards …

      • 11 kamala Ramakrishnan

        I am looking to buy a couple of paintings by gond artists. How can I do so?

      • 12 Angela

        I’m interested in doing a story on Jangarh Singh Shyam and his art as well as his family and gond tribal as well. How can I get in touch with his family and those close to him who were aware of his work? Hope to hear from you soon.
        Angela Zonunpari
        +919981271209 (Bhopal)
        +919891098508 (Delhi)

    • 13 Padmaja Srivastva

      Can help you with that…

  7. hey !

    real nice piece of work.
    classy art 🙂

  8. I’ll take the second one……the visual appeal is compelling. – Rekha

  9. Very idyllic & inspired work.Good that these designers/architects met such receptive clients.Indeed fortunate that such great expressions are happening in our country
    in so dark times.Art,Music and sheer poetry in these works.Thanks for introducing
    this to me.
    – Jayant.

  10. Lovely works!

    I have a soft corner for Gond paintings:-)


  11. Thank you very much for sending this exciting mail.
    Happy 2009.
    – Jayant.

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