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Presenting the first pictures of the new Rohit Bal Store, at Emporio in New Delhi. The store evokes a sense of grungy grandeur, and the gold and mirror and jaali work seem refined and edgy simultaneously. I enjoyed the way the store is filled with distractions, but the garments are still the focus of attention.


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Ambrish says: “The retail space for Rohit Bal is structured around two segregated sections for the women’s wear and men’s wear in the store. The brief for the store required for the men’s section to be secluded, this was achieved by placing the salon in the center of the rectangular space.”

Ambrish says: “The store uses layering and a play of raw and elaborately detailed elements to build a rich, mysterious and warm space. The walls and the ceilings are finished in a pewter colour with flamed metal hanging details brought down from the existing ceiling.”

Ambrish says: “To take an advantage of the height ceiling already available the services were moved along left length of the store. This low-height space embellished in woven fabric with a lotus motif from Rohit Bal’s studio provides for the main circulation passage in the store.”


Ambrish says: “Tall leaning mirrors and vertical wall cladding with mirrors in the circulation space break up the structure and provide glimpses of the store from varied view points.”

Ambrish says: “The “lotus’ motif developed and used extensively in their garments by Rohit Bal’s studio have been interpreted in various forms in the store. The flooring is rendered in a blue pigmented cement with the lotus inserted as a bras inlay. Display podiums and furniture in the store is detailed with lapis lazuli stone inlay in dark wood. The central structure and the façade is detailed with suspended cnc cut lotus motif jaalis in rusted metal. The jaali provides an enclosure for the Salon. The Salon space is lit with is a blown glass chandelier designed and executed with inputs from Rohit Bal. The chandelier forms are an extension of the cast brass sculptures laid out in the main browsing space grounding the multiple elements in the store. Suspended trays, which hold narrow beam QR 111 lamps, provide drama to the store’s principal color story of dull gold and dark metal grays.”




Designed and executed by Lotus Design, New Delhi. Rohit Bal Store at Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.


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  1. Complete Ethnic and I just love the flooring as blue in color and lotus design inserted in it. Designer did awesome work and deserve appreciation. Even theme and colors are amazingly selected….Good Job!!!

  2. 2 himanshu parekh

    we r manufacter of acrylic product like table,chair, banch, lazer cut jalli in acrylic/wood/paper , please call on 9821386792/9820379767

  3. can anyone can tell me what is the flooring used in this showroom.
    I m designer by profession
    i want to do similar flooring for one of my client.
    pls. let me know if anyone know about this flooring
    if possible pls. help me out with contact detail of the person who had done this fantastic work.

    thanks & Regards
    Nirav M. Vora

  4. 4 vikas kapoor

    hi we have installed cnc cutting machines like 5 axis water jet and intrested to tie up with u for jalli work

  5. 5 sunil

    Hi kavita ji i phoned them but the response was that they dont have any site to buy online. i will try some other way. Thanks

  6. 6 sunil

    thank you kavita ji i will do that. thx

  7. 7 sunil

    Thanks Kavita ji. if i want to order dress online is there any direct link where i can have a look and buy online.

  8. 9 sunil

    Hi can anyone provide me the full address and contact number of rohit bals store in new delhi and store in mumbai pls.

    • 10 Kavita

      Rohit Bal
      Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070
      Ph: +91-011-46116666

  9. 11 Kavita


  10. 12 INDU

    mmmmmind blooooooowing! it’s one of a kind. a masterpiece created by a master of great designs.
    i have never seen such a nice use of lotus motif on floor designing. use of lotus motif makes it looks like a heaven on earth.
    thanks for let me watching heaven on earth.



  12. 14 rahulkhush

    awsome!! beautiful design,,, nice 1

  13. 15 kunal patel

    Rohit your store is like heaven i never see these kind of store in my life i will be very luckly to work in your store.

    Kunal Patel

    9619453244 personal No…

  14. 16 Meenakshi

    Beautiful interiors!

  15. i do all this type of metal jalli work laser cut panel please let me know for the same

  16. 18 anubha khandelwal

    greattttttt……………… i had never seen such a beautifulll store in my uptill life…………

  17. 19 nitasha

    the flooring is done so well……gr8 photographs….thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  18. 20 MANSI JANI

    the store looks great, the lotus motif defines its character, minimal, yet trendy.


  19. 21 Sarbajit Dhar

    Hi, All
    I must say one thing that is you people are too gr8.Ambish and Sid (Malik) you guys have good bonding with design and execution so what ever you people create that’s call design for me.

    oh i forget to take another guy name (Big guy) kullu.He has a maser key for Design land,if you want to go there u have to tk the permission from him. ahahaha

    Three cheers for LOTUS.hip hip HURRY

    Sarbajit (Sarab)

  20. 22 Lakshmi-Celebrations

    thanks for sharing this .Lovely the way it has been done.Loved the lotus motifs on the floor.


    Its lovely, dark and deep. Am I reminded of some poet,s comments. Dear Rohit, your store is enough to inspire a paintig, a poem a design, or is it a muse personified?
    Love it.

  22. 24 Sudeepa

    what a beautiful store..havent seen something like this in India

  23. 25 AnnMM

    While I love the decor and everything about it – I feel it take away attention from the clothes and I think the clothes need to stand out and not get lost in the decor.

    If I were to visit this store – I would be busy admiring the decor rather than focusing on the clothes!

  24. 26 ajesh

    very grand! loved the the flooring the best.

  25. 27 ankit

    this is the most beautiful and thought out fashion store i’ve ever seen

  26. I see Rekha has been here already:) but I have to comment too. I loved the motif floor, the latticed jali screens, the brass pillars, the minimalist seating styles and the absolute look of royalty. Lotus Design has done a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing:)


  27. Beautiful and chic…..I love the use of the lotus motif in the decor…I had to wait for quite sometime for the pictures to show up…but it was definitely worth the wait I guess.

  1. 1 blue lotus effects

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