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Memories of childhood are often about simple things; streets and lanes you grew up in, friends you spent time with and the games you played. Diptanshu Roy belongs to a joint family, grew up with 15 odd cousins living in the same house. As kids, they spent hours together, playing with simple toys, and that made them happy. Today, he says, it’s hard to come across kids playing with these toys. In these pictures, he captures the nostalgia of some simple and playful Indian games from his childhood.



The Spinning Top

The Spinning Top

Metal Boat

Metal Boat







Photographer Diptanshu Roy works as an art director in Kolkata. His work and contact details can be found on his website.


11 Responses to “Photo Feature > Toys of my childhood”

  1. it’s nice……….

  2. 2 ahana

    I am missimg the danguli….the one my pistoto dada used to win all the time(not cousin…I remind u he is the eldest of of my paternal aunt’s son…we indians dont have a general species called aunt/cousin.

  3. 3 Kainaz

    definately the metal boat. mine was a green one. my brother and me used to set it aflot in a blue colour tub in the bathroom. and then there were days when i’d stick a candel to it and light it as the boat floted while we created ripples in the tub with our hands.

  4. I agree with sharon on the metal boat….nice post.

  5. 6 Karishma

    only you could have thought of this.beautiful.:)

  6. The metal boat:) I can’t tell you how much I have played with that one:)

    Thanks for bringing back some really special memories.


  7. thanks 🙂

  8. 9 بنفشه


  9. Excellent post!! Lovely images. Thanks for sharing!

  10. 11 Anurag

    Superb, Deep! These toys take me down memory lane! Glad you’ve captured and preserved them so beautifully!

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