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The Design Temple line of products are cleaned-lined and modern in design, but draw their inspiration from Indian myth, history and local nuances. There is a quirky, humurous take in each that doesn’t affect the functionality of the object. Here are some that caught my eye.

Cheerharan toilet paper

Cheerharan toilet paper

Cheerharan Toilet Paper:This hand-grabbing toilet paper is inspired by the evil king Duryodhana who ordered “Cheerharan” or stripping of the saree, in a famous Indian epic from the 4th century B.C. That saree never came to an end, this toilet paper will. Set of 2 rolls.

first vaid box

first vaid box

First Vaid:The “Vaid” or Indian for doctor is your little first aid kit. Use it to store all your prescribed medicines in the house or when you travel. Size: 130mm w x 70mm h x 130mm d

Three Monkeys Matches

Three Monkeys Matches

Three Monkeys: These brightly coloured matchboxes encapsulate Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra; See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil.

Black Tongue Cleaner

Black Tongue Cleaner

Black Tongue Cleaner:Swipe your tongue clean with these indigenous tongue cleaners. India’s fun and fabulous answer to fresh breath.

More of their products and work on the designtemple site.

(Via Purvi – thank you.)


17 Responses to “Design Feature > Design Temple”

  1. 1 manoj

    its awesome ………

  2. 2 Jeremy

    A community of asswipes! is it?

    I think the Cheerharan toilet paper is a fine example of what design should not be about, especially in the Indian context, today. It’s way too gimmicky. Apart from the mythological reference, there is nothing Indian about it. It looks more like a product designed by a designer from the west with superficial, clichéd understanding about India.

    As a community if we want to be taken seriously and not just judged by our face value, then we need to dig deeper. Look for ideas and meaning beyond such superfluous stunts. This also leaves a wrong impression on the younger generation of designers, who I’m afraid are going to benchmark this, as a fine example of what they should be achieving in life. (Considering some comments above – jai Hind!, philosophical, creative funkiness etc,) I believe we are better than this!

    Usage warning: I’m not sure about the dye used (unless it’s organic! which I doubt?) could be irritable to your hyper sensitive a##hole.


    • 3 VJ

      I agree with Jeremy. Its a mere publicity stunt I think. Using Indian culture and mythology as their USP, a lot of designers end up making things that are rather shallow. Working with people from all over the world, I can say even people from other side of the world have a better understanding of the Indian culture.

  3. Wow! This is gorgeous. Though I would have liked it on my wall, as a wall paper strip..too bad its toilet paper.

    Great work you have done on this blog! Cheers.

  4. an innovative concept indeed!

  5. 6 jane

    wow – the toilet paper is inspired !!!!

    and about the toys – a friend of mine – atul johri works with the craftsmen of channapatna to revive the old art of wooden toy making – u know those lil wooden dolls, rocking horses, stick figures etc…

  6. thanks for bringing these absolutely wonderful finds to the rest of us! i was trying to imagine the ad film that promotes this amazing toilet paper!! I’m sure it would have to be the same designers…an animation film perhaps with the characters narrating a funny account of “life after the flush”

  7. 8 Mansi

    Loved vaid box and the toilet paper… Deep I think you can shop for the toilet paper online. Check their website.

  8. Hey there,

    heard so much about your blog , nice work.

    I love Design Temple, esp the toilet paper ! was quite tempted to pick it up for kicks.


  9. 10 Karishma


  10. For the first time I felt like giggling when I saw toilet paper! I bow to the super-creative funkiness of the designer.

  11. Love the cheer haran toilet paper ;0)

  12. 13 Arch

    Awesome concept:-)

  13. love the toilet paper! where do i get them?

  14. 15 Purvi

    finally you got them on your blog!i love design temple products and philosophy.

  15. What lovely finds! Jai Hind!!

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