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Stumbled upon Moyna Singh’s work in Rivaaj Magazine. Liked her bags, especially the tomato red sequins, the emerald sequins and the blue and white and pink beaded one. Clicked through to her site and found it teeming with pages from Elle, Cosmo and Vogue where her bags have been featured. Here are some of my favourites from her collection.











Moyna on her bags:

Indian By Design: A degree in Psychology, no formal training in accessories, how did Moyna Bags start off?
Moyna Singh: When I moved to the US I started a home furnishings import company with friends and then we moved to fashion since Fendi and Prada started using Indian workmanship in their accessories, so we felt it was a great time to diversify too. After that I branched out and started my own company about 10 years ago.

Indian By Design: Do you follow seasonal trends while designing your accessories or is it based on inspiration?
Moyna Singh: I do follow seasonal trends – that is how the industry typically works – within the seasonal trends I then work with my inspiration. But for color, fabrics, textures, I do take the season and the trends in apparel too into consideration. Size and shapes of the bags also vary with what is happening in the market. Since my product falls into the “designer” category, I have to take current trends into account so that the bags merchandise well in stores and work with other products for the season.

Indian By Design: Do you retail in India?
Moyna Singh: No

Indian By Design: Moyna Bags have featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, In Style and Elle. What lies in the core of their appeal?
Moyna Singh: The detail in design, good quality and workmanship, fun, novelty, yet often classic. Considering my bags are handmade and the superior workmanship, the bags are also extremely well priced. I have a very large selection of bags, so there is something for everyone – I think fashion editors also find it easy to select products that fit with their story and the season’s trend for that reason.

Indian By Design: What are your future plans?
Moyna Singh: I’m not sure yet. Right now I am just grateful for my success.

More of Moyna Singh and her bags on her site.

17 Responses to “Fashion Feature > Moyna Bags”

  1. The second one is just gorgeous! I’m lovin’ it

  2. 2 Judith Feldman Interiors

    I saw your bags at the Gift Show today and would like to order. Can I see your designs on the internet or in a catalogue? Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Judy Feldman

  3. nice bags really.. they really matches with different jewellery..especially the red one i like it alot thanks..!!

  4. 4 Bette Davison

    I am the proud owner of the white bag with the colored shells. My daughter, who is an online shopper, was certain Iwould love the bag since I live in a resort area in Florida. The comments I receive are beautiful, attractive, whimsical and much more, and especially “where did you get the bag”

    thank you for the design. one question….is it best to wash the bag in a product as Woolite, and let it drip dry, or is there an alternative.

    Sincerely, Bette Davison

    • 5 Kay

      Hello Bette. Moyna says “You can spray some fabric guard so the bag does not stain but if it does get dirty, spot clean only. DO NOT WASH. The colors from the seashells which are dyed will run on the fabric. These bags are to be SPOT CLEANED ONLY. For spot cleaning you can spray a little bit of alcohol or light soap and water in the area where the stain or spot may be and rub it with a clean fabric or paper towel. That should take the dirt off.”

  5. 6 sum

    oh… im loving all these bags !!!
    they so pretty .. really nice work..

  6. 7 Roopa

    Hey…u have amazing collection..let me know how can i buy them?

  7. 8 Shilpa Shivjiani

    Moyna Singh has very good collection

  8. 9 Shilpa Shivjiani

    White one is superb

  9. 10 Shaifali

    amazing bags…I checked out the website as welll…..awesome stuff….

  10. 11 Runia

    great bags. pity not available in India!

  11. I saw the ‘flaming’ red handbag by Moyna and was induced to follow my thoughts backwards–to another entry on another blog—-it was an enjoyable journey

    Lovely post and am sure I will pick up a Moyna soon 🙂

  12. they are very pretty!!

  13. 14 Aparna

    ooh wow. these are soo pretty! the white one with coloured stones…its such a fabulous piece.

  14. Oh boy, these are beautiful…..I loved the RED one.

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