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The Ashima – Leena store is subtle, so much so that you might not notice anything but the clothes. But there are simple details that charmed me. The embedded designs that melt the cement floor as they vein out from the logo, the suspended silent busts that the clothes float on, the gold that adds richness to all the raw texture around.








Designed by Lotus Design, the Ashima – Leena Store is at No. 325, First Floor, DLF- Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj. The Ashima – Leena logo and floor pattern was conceptualised and designed by Itu Chaudhuri Design.

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  1. 1 Liz G.

    On vacation, visited Emporio – beautiful store, beautiful clothes. I saw their younger line Alias at a private exhibition in Singapore, the detailing was breathtaking. I can imagine this store on the international high-street.

  2. 2 Aditya

    Brilliant work!!! What is the finish on the ceiling? And how is the gold effect achieved other than the leafing part?

  3. Being in retail helps ….helps in terms of growing in to good design .OFlate happended to see work by louts ,must say the aesthetics is subtle but draws identity.I can’t say that the statement produced in all their stores remain the same or not but they are doing up a great work .

  4. 4 sum

    store is quite nice.. but the clothes are

  5. 5 Mee

    very stylish and sophisticated. not alienating.

  6. 6 Nitin

    hi all.. could someone pls give me the website address of lotus design services. have browsed a lot but i think i’m missing some keyword in their web address. thanks a lot.


    i really like the floor pattern.. looks very dramatic. the textures look just perfect.
    mansi jani

  8. 8 Mansi

    If I see a beautiful store design on the blog, I just have to know its Lotus Design. They have done real good work encapsulating the brand identity of the designer they represent. Loved the designs..

  9. 9 mathatheist

    Lisa: Thanks for sharing that, have now mentioned that in the post.

    Raina: Ambrish says “the floor is cnc router cut stained and hardened cement board panels.”

  10. 10 Raina de Nazareth

    the floor pattern and technique is beautiful… how is it done?

  11. Dear Kavita
    Since you have covered the stores and appreciated the floor pattern and the logo, I would like to bring it to your notice that Itu Chaudhuri Design has developed the identity of Ashima Leena couture brand, and named and designed ALIAS, the pret brand. The floor pattern was developed by us for the two stores which was most exquisitely translated in terms of material and treatment by Lotus. It was a pleasure to work with Lotus on these two stores as they created ample opportunity for us to extend the brand and help begin establish a strong brand image in a customer’s mind.

  12. What a lovely store!! Love the clothes… I think I’d be looking at the floor designs.. and the walls more though.. Its lovely!!

  13. 13 Purvi

    love the designs on the flooring !!!

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