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Found Roshnee Desai on Deviant. It led me to her blog and her Batoota cushions. They were quirky and an observation of the behaviour around us.

Roshnee says: “The Batootas are creatures which infest your daily mundane objects by redefining them and while doing so, passing a social comment, using puns.”



Roshnee says: “They’re at Chowpatty. They’re on bikes. They’re hiding under behind trees. They’re where you least expect them. They sit at Bandstand. They stand at Banstand.Thats one thing they have in common. The incessant cat-mouse chase of the coo-ers and the shoo-ers. PDA. Police Dandaa Abruption. Coo Shun. Shun the coo. You can run you can hide but you cant escape my love.

pee lo talk


Roshnee says: “They do it coz its eco friendly.. They do it coz its an adventure. They do it coz they are on a trek. They do it coz the journey is too long. They do it for fun. They do it out of compulsion. They do it coz their Mummy didnt teach them cleanliness. They do it coz the sauchalay was shut. They do it coz thats how its done. They do it coz they have company. They use it as perfect moment to start a conversation. They talk to themselves. pee lo and talk. pee lo talk. What’s your pee lo talk? Is it a Pee lo memory? Pee lo conversation? Pee lo record?”

love cush




> Roshnee Desai is a 21 year old graphic designer, writer based out of Mumbai. She likes to collect feelings, stories and anecdotes and transform them into work. You can see more on her site.

14 Responses to “Design Feature > Batootas”

  1. 1 Afrah

    wow. u really have a clever sense of humour. my favorite is the coo-shun, but every one of them is super! if you come up with these sober, hats off to you.

  2. 2 prashant parekh

    heeeyyy!!!!! rosh!!!! marvelous man!!! gr8 creativity.. really really good… damn cute..

  3. 3 Aparna

    love them!!

  4. Great job Roshinee!!!!
    Loved them!! 🙂
    how do i get one?

  5. So cute, great job!

  6. Awesom!!

  7. thanks so much everyone 🙂

  8. Loved them…and the cool sense of humor!


  9. 9 Aanchal Jain

    They are so “coo”-l!

    I’d love to know where I can find them in Hyderabad?

  10. Verrrry nice !!!!!…innovative and fun.

  11. 11 varun khanna

    Woww… Really loved it.. will definitely place orders as soon as i start doin my room up… Great work man… IMpresssed

  12. Love them… They’re fun.. Will definitely buy some..

  13. Hi Peeya,

    Thanks so much!
    Just drop in an order on
    or on the facebook group

    Let me know which ones and how many, and I could send one to you!


  14. 14 peeya

    love the batootas!
    where can i buy them in banaglore?

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