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Tara Books has a new release. DO! It’s a wonderful way to integrate Indian art with education without making it too complicated. Here are some pages from the book.

Do Book Cover

Do Book Cover

> Do! is an introduction to basic verbs, aided by the elegantly minimalist pictograms of Warli art.

Do!-spread 1

Do!-spread 2

Do!-spread 3

> Do! is a set of action pictures, rendered in the Warli style of tribal art. It introduces basic verbs to the young reader through a series of brilliantly drawn pictograms, which illustrate the verb and tell a story.

Do!-spread 4

Do!-spread 5

Do!-spread 6

> Warli art is done by people belonging to a tribal community that lives in Maharashtra, in western India. Ramesh Hengadi, Rasika Hengadi, Shantaram Dhadpe and Kusum Dhadpe are the artists featured in this book.

>> To buy the book, visit the Tara Books website.


8 Responses to “New Release > Do!”

  1. 1 Neha Srivastava

    wow! good work! would love to see more

  2. What a great idea! And the illustrations are wonderful. I can read stories within each of them. Kids are going to love this. And their parents will love it even more. I wouldn’t be surprised if these pages are found adorning a few walls soon.

  3. Interesting concept! I like the details of each pic.

  4. 5 Abhishek Ray

    Great work! One of the best ways to pictorially teach people. Was a pleasure to watch each detail.

    Abhishek Ray
    Ashoka Lemelson Fellow 2006

  5. 6 Mansi

    Something refreshing..nice

  6. 7 Mansi


  7. 8 Purvi

    very well designed ! simply

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