Caught my eye > Kaali and Klove

Cimmaron Singh

Kaali Watch by Cimmaron Singh


Moroccan Vase Chandelier by Klove

> Part of a Religare Arts Initiative exhibition held in Jan 2009.


15 Responses to “Caught my eye > Kaali and Klove”

  1. 1 amanda

    she s also been featured by cnn international , on her way to becoming the next big thing!

  2. 3 shane

    lovely watch!
    this lady is also doing some photography now . unreal! check it out.

  3. kindly send me the dimension of the chandelier as soon as possible for project used.

  4. Hi Deborah,

    About the watch-you can reach me –
    Also do checkout my website


  5. 8 deborah

    I really love the watch, would love to have one! where can I get it?

  6. That chandelier is stunning. I could use some Moroccan bud vases too!
    Maybe I can pick them up my next trip to India?…

    • hi guys
      thanks a lot for appreciating our designs. internationally we stock some designs with conran shops and ofcourse in india we are at our studio in new delhi(hauz khas village).
      gautam(for klove)

  7. …forgot to say THANK YOU !

  8. So glad you liked my watch 🙂 …this is a great blog by the way !!! Keep-a-going !

  9. 13 Sakala

    the watch is nice. But the chandelier is lovely. Where can one buy something like that? and how much does it cost?


  10. oh wow!!! both the pics are impressive…. The watch is innovative … I havent seen anything ike this…. Love the Chandelier… as well.. I could do with one of those for sure!!

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