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“Artistically, terracotta is the medium where many ideas were first experimented upon before they were committed to stone. At the same time, Many of these artefacts were used in ephemeral rituals and then discarded; their study thus permits an insight into those aspects of religious worship little studied in a field where the emphasis has been on monuments of more durable material. Inexpensive and easily replaced, terracottas are by their very nature a source for a unique telling of a more quotidian history, reflective of religious cults worshipped in peoples’ homes rather than the grand stone temples.

This course looks at issues of mass-production in Ancient societies, the dissemination of religious iconographic models and objects that reveal that art in Ancient India was not merely sacred. This course delves into one of the fundamental elements of Indian visual culture.”

Conducted by Naman.P.Ahuja, Associate Professor of Ancient Indian Art & Architecture at JNU.
Course Dates and Timings – 17th, 18th & 19th February, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Registration opens 25th january, public fee: Rs 1000, MU student fee: Rs 250, Limited seating.

Jnanapravha organises courses and talks on a regular basis. Read more about them on their site. More information on Terracota research is available here. Image courtesy Jnanapravha.

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