Exhibition: Underground Jewels @ Bombay Electric


meenakshi dash @bombayelectric

Priya Kishore says “Found objects, precious gems and flouro baubles by India’s underground jewelers Meenakshi Dash, Martinaa New and Fanny Boucher make their first debut in an Indian store from 2nd-6th March, 2010. The exhibition, entitled UNDERGROUND JEWELS features directional, fashion forward pieces for the elegant intelligentsia, disco aunties, and wild at heart.”

> 2nd-6th March, 2010, Bombay Electric, 1 Reay house, BEST marg, Colaba, Mumbai, 400 001 INDIA


3 Responses to “Exhibition: Underground Jewels @ Bombay Electric”

  1. Hi, I wanted to share with you a post I made about Meenakshi Dash last August and today one about Little Shilpa. They are incredible designers. Congratulations for your blog and the very interesting posts.

  2. Gorgeous. Wish I could be in Bombay to experience it.

  3. 3 deepa

    wow…Truly fashionalbe…nice pieces

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