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The book has two dust jackets.

“This book by Rupika Chawla is an account of Ravi Varma’s traditional background and environment in the context of colonial India, and the relationship of this milieu with his profession as an aristocratic itinerant painter. This lavishly illustrated book brings together paintings from royal and private collections and museums, and works that have never been seen before, along with previously undisclosed maps, letters, photographs and other archival material. It traces the sources used by him, examines the techniques and methodology of his paintings, and discusses their conservation and the problem of fakes and copies.”

> Rupika Chawla is a conservator of paintings based in Delhi. She has restored several Ravi Varma paintings at her studio in Delhi and she also gives training in conservation. Together with artist A. Ramachandran she organized the seminal exhibition on Raja Ravi Varma in 1993 at the National Museum, Delhi, which brought about a strong revival of the artist and his work. More on the mapin website. <


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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing this information. I am pursuing a research on Human Face. Ravi Varma’s creations are milestone in the history of Indian painting. But Ravi Varma’s painings reflects lot of impression of western style. Certainly one can find portrait art in Mughal empire. I am eager to know if there is any information available on portrait art before Mughal invasion i.e. before 14the century.

    Pravin Yadav

  2. I’ve recently been admiring some of Ravi Varma’s work, are you able to recommend anywhere I could discover a showcase of any more of his paintings or books at all please? Thanks

    • 3 subu

      i hope that there is another book by some one from madras, its is a catalogue on prints, if iam correct.

  3. 4 amol

    Hi, Thanks for sharing nice article.

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