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Guerilla or unsanctioned art invades reality as we see it and interacts with us, the wider audience, in a context that we can relate to and often understand. The subject could be anything commonplace – a street corner we have often walked past, a lamp-post we rarely looked at, storm water pipes that never caught our eye. The act of using the public domain as a gallery, of revisiting everyday spaces and objects and giving them a new meaning could stem from myriad motivations; to make a political statement and challenge the establishment, to be democratic about who gets to view art, to express oneself or sometimes to simply make things better.

Urfun Lab Surat is a clutch of young professionals – Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban designers, Graphic Designers, Event Managers – who have come together to find, create and share their own expression of the urban space around them. By using colourful cellophane sheets, they transformed a mass of storm water pipes into a poetic installation that reflects playful patterns on the otherwise nondescript tar road.

Urfun Labs: “Storm water pipes are common sight throughout the city and are eyesores till they get buried. We found this particular situation where evening sun filters through them to cast patterns on road. All we did is cover them with colored cellophane paper and it turned into a vivid public-art installation instead of
ungainly infrastructure stacks on the roadside.”

Urfun Labs: “It was a symbolic gesture on how to respond to our immediate environment. This spontaneous act was carried out by handful of Urfun-lab volunteers on a lazy Sunday morning in the city of Surat where urban art is still an unimaginable phenomenon.”

Urfun Labs: “We are used to looking at cities in bird’s eye view, whereby a lot of small details are overlooked or lost. Inverting this approach we looked at a very specific situation of a city through Worm’s eye view, trying a small-scale gesture that enriches the environment. This might not be affecting the whole city but as an idea it can proliferate to do so.”

20 Responses to “Guerilla Feature > Urfun Lab Surat”

  1. 1 jayati

    sorry dint read the surat part……..anyways dis is awesome

  2. 2 jayati

    dis is mind blowing………..which city was dis

  3. cannot imagine how something so seemingly comon place collide with creativity so well to make this colorfull and beautiful phenomenon happen ! Kudos ! U inspire many by what you do , The best picture is of the little boy wondering . It has surely fired his imagination !

  4. 4 pragnesh desai

    great job..keep it up. hope to see more such experimental art work from u ..i enjoyed it.

  5. Simple and beautiful. Something so small can create such a large effect. Truly brilliant.

  6. 6 siddarth

    simply awesome!

  7. Cool…. really an interesting idea….. this would actually connect people to the place with memories….. congratulations ….!

  8. its just amazing how simple changes in our environment change our perception towards it so very drastically……………………….

  9. 9 maithili

    fun day at work

  10. This is such a great idea!!

  11. 11 nijoo dubey

    its just amazing how simple changes in our environment change our perception towards it so very drastically !!!!
    amazing solution guys 🙂
    way to go…

  12. 12 Shabbir

    Loved it!! Would love to be a part of such other endeavors…

  13. this is absolutely gorgeous! what a crazy, simple idea..

  14. 14 rekha


  15. 15 harsh

    amazing work….. wishing i could also join you guys ….. !!!!

  16. Its nice experiment and kudos to all who involved into the same. you inspired me to chase my dream of working on workshop BALANCE.

  17. Amazing :). It stares us in the eye everyday, and it takes uncommon minds to discover the common and give it beauty. Nice to see your posts again!

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