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My friend Kavita Arvind introduced me to Anuj Sharma’s work in 2008. Purvi Sanghvi re-introduced me to him via this video today. And I am glad she did.

Fashion has increasingly become a business of generating mass trends, the irony of it being that following trends is pretty near unfashionable, not to mention not too great for creativity. So where does that leave us consumers? What is our relationship with fashion? Do we really have a say in what we wear and how we wear it? As a student, I remember buying yards of fabric from khaadi bhandar, going to the tailor, drawing patterns, speaking of fits, hearing the master at the tailor tell me ‘try this, try that’. A lot of my friends made their own clothes too. There was creativity in the entire exercise not to mention immense joy in wearing what one had designed. And I didn’t have to be a design student to do so. Today we trust our wardrobes to designers and our styling to the stylist in a magazine. Anuj Sharma recently spoke at TEDx. He questioned our growing distance from design. And how it got him to create Button Masala. So we can start interacting again, use our creativity and have some fun. Watch the video to hear it in his own words.

The first trials - creating variations using buttons and loops


Experiments with table tennis balls


Improved Button Masala


Anuj: “This is a new approach or rather improved version of my previous collection called button masala. The straps from the earlier collection with the button hole gets replaced by rubber band. The same rubber band becomes the joinery system for the buttons to get attached to the fabric. So there is absolutely no stitching. No machine work and no tension. make your garment any time with hardly any cost and change it as well any time.”

Experiments with plastic chai cups


Rubberbands and buttons turn a shawl into a garment with form.


Chai Cups and strips of fabric


19 Responses to “Fashion Feature > Anuj Sharma – Button Masala”

  1. 2 shannay

    Anuj sharma I loved your work and I want to thank you for coming to our youth development and showin and learnin us about ur work and to see how many things u can do with just a peace of old cloth my name is shannay and I am from westbury

  2. 3 anil kumar

    nice collaction and creativity
    i like all Experiments with other things like tennis ball and buttons i like all bt munnabhai is nice creativity and nice name of this collections

  3. wow nice work……………….

  4. 5 smruti

    GOD! me just speechless anuj….i think i saw yr vedio many times..u r amazing i must say…..evry design of yours is so smpl and flawless….keep it up…n keep us surprising like this…..

  5. 6 riya

    wow!!!!!! minblowing………. awesome………… jaskasssss

  6. 7 malusha

    thanku so much for sharing your knowlrdge with us.. it was very nice learning button masala from you, i have made a few dresses already they look nice. i was your student for the workshop at INIFD porvorim Goa.
    your designs are really beautifull.. hope our paths cross in the fasion world in future.


    Malusha Dias

  7. wow lovely work anuj..just loveled them……cool…..minblowing…..

  8. 9 Neha


    Can you give me pointers to more of Anuj Sharma’s work? Does he have a blog/website?

  9. this design is definitely easier than politics and looks way better. next time i wanna buy something, i am gonna see how i can make it myself.and thanks to anuj sharma and u

  10. 12 maithili

    cool stuff

  11. 13 babloo

    this product is set for a long journey. will change perception of how people look at design at large. thank you kavita and well done anuj.

  12. 14 aartismom

    Brilliant:-) Now that is what is called “creativity”!

  13. design is definitely easier than politics and looks way better. next time i wanna buy something, i’m gonna see how i can make it myself. thanks to anuj sharma and u.

  14. Thanks for helping me shake off the lethargy! Indeed will be more interactive rather than simply agree to designers which is so easy when you trust them.

  15. anuj has a mind that functions also as a heart. best kind of mind for an artist i think. i’m a big fan.

  16. you explained so good.

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