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Basic living, in urban and rural areas, has expanded from food, clothing, shelter to include tv, mobile phone, laptop, washing machine, fridge, water heater, ac, car and more. All of which are dependent on fuel/electricity to make them work. The key to living in the future might just depend on how we are able to gain independence from the circle of resources – by building our own homes, growing our own food, even creating our own energy. It is perhaps a way to ensure equitable distribution, responsibly. But for now, these uber basics are vital in our lives, and we must navigate them as best we can. Until an uber cool alternative shows up at our doorstep.

Introducing the MittiCool Fridge.

I’d previously read about ChotuKool, the Godrej fridge that ran on batteries, but this was even better. Purvi Sanghvi, from The Other Side, travelled to Gujarat to take pictures and chat with Shri Mansuk Lal Raghavji Bhai Prajapati from village Wankaner in Gujarat on his invention – a clay fridge that keeps food fresh and cool, without electricity.

MittiCool Refrigerator

This is how it works. There are two parts to the fridge. A small tank on top to hold water. A bottom half that acts as the fridge. The water tank seems to be what keeps it cool along with the special clay that the fridge is made of.

Mansukh Bhai says: “This refrigerator keeps vegetables fresh for 4-5 days. It can also keep milk and buttermilk fresh for 24 hours. You can also get cold water. It keeps the original taste of food intact.”

It takes 7 days to make one MittiCool Fridge and he offers very precise instructions on its maintenance. At Rs 2500 (P&P extra), it’s extremely affordable and since it doesn’t use electricity, rural areas can benefit immensely from it.

Mansukh Bhai says: “My aim is to come out with products which are affordable for a poor person and do not harm anyone’s health.”

Mansukh Bhai with MittiCool

Mitticool is not his only creation. Mansukh Bhai also makes a Non-Stick Clay Tawa/skillet (Rs 75 – Rs 200), MittiCool Water-Filter (Rs 450), a Clay Pressure Cooker (Rs 350) and a dinner set.

Clay Pressure Cooker

MittiCool Water Filters

Handmade designs being painted on the MittiCool Water Filters

Clay Tawa

Clay Tawas being fired

Food Plate, Water Glass and bowls

Mansukh Bhai has sold over 3500 refrigerators so far. In the last five years, the only major complaint he says he had was that the magnet on the fridge door gave way. He has orders from all over the world and was presented an award by the President of India. He has received an ISO cerification and his Tavas have been approved as having a food grade quality coating. His future plans include starting a factory with the aid of IIM and NID Ahmedabad and making a MittiCool house. Indian By Design looks forward to it.

< More on Mansukh bhai and the MittiCool fridge on his website. Pictures courtesy Purvi Sanghvi and the MittiCool website.>


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  5. 6 sri ramya

    you r a true NATURE lover.”I am giving u a title”PERFECT INDIAN”.

  6. 7 M. Srinivas Rao

    In this days power shortage, pollution, health consciousness why people are still thinking insteading of utilizing the mitti cool products by which we can save the revenue contribute to the development of the nation.

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  8. 9 Juan Velarde

    I live in the hot dry Soutwest in USA. I believe there is a market for these here even if they are supplemental to what people have. Especially as a decorative feature for outdoor yards and kitchens.

  9. 10 virar, mumbai- 401303

    i am totally lost for words this is absolute creativity, i love the smell of the mud and am an ardent lover of uindian handicrafts, am sure i will find mansukh bhai and his outlet in gujrat to get his stuffs purely for my personal use. his work can be described as ” love for life ” life for love”.

  10. 11 ANU DHIMAN.

    wow…….that is fantastic and super cool!! i am sculpture artist and i feel really nice to see these products. all the best for your next invention too:-)

  11. 12 supriya

    great idea.Feel like trying one.

  12. Thanks for this post. Really interesting. I’ve posted a link on my blog.

  13. Would love to promote their product on As Unwrapindia is specially designed to promote small entrepreneurs and NGO s across India .

    • 16 Kavita

      Abhishek, you could get in touch with them via their website and propose your idea. Cheers.

  14. amazing idea πŸ™‚

  15. Such a wonderful Idea! This is real design.. user centric, clever, innovative and solving a purpose. Hats off!!

  16. brilliant idea !!…very inspiring post…thanks for sharing!!

  17. Wayyyy cool!!

  18. Very cool and an eye opener. Thx for sharing!

  19. 22 vinod

    i’d heard about it. my friend’s getting one for his farm. thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  20. Novel. Unique. Refreshing as always:)

    K? Y does this force me to login from Twiiter or FB? y cant I ‘comment’ as a Guest like in many other WP blogs?:(

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      Mee, the blog had some problems with spam messages, so had to change settings.

  21. What an Idea Sir Ji.!!! Keep it up…..keep it up. You did an outstanding job. Looking forward for more new Mitti Products. Best of Luck.!!!

  22. utterly fabulous! The claay pressure cooker looks very cool too. Lovely, interesting post, Kav. As always. Indian By Design never disappoints.

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