Bloggers Against Plagiarism


To copy is to kill one’s own source of creativity. True inspiration is about admiration, respect and progress. About interpreting what you like, to create something altogether new and often unrecognisable from what inspired it. If it looks exactly like what inspired it, it is a copy or a lack of imagination. I hope all among us who seek inspiration will see the difference in the two and opt for the latter.

A new blog initiated by dedicated makers and creators, who recognise the damage that copying can cause to business and morale, especially for small businesses, now makes it possible for people to share their copyright violations and plagiarism issues. If you have faced similar issues, do get in touch with them, along with of course, pursuing all possible action that you need to.

Bloggers Against Plagiarism

10 Responses to “Bloggers Against Plagiarism”

  1. 1 Deepa SS

    The bloggersagainstplagiarism seems to have deleted all posts and only one post is on it now. WOnder what happened,…

  2. 3 Shilpa

    Hi Kavitha have been observing I hope the comments for me as well as deepa could have been posted without us posting a comment on your blog. If it is a public portal for expressing publics opinion I don’t think the blog should ask for permission for approval in the first place…. Very fishy indeed!

    • 4 Kavita

      Hi Shilpa, I understand what you say, but no, I had already seen Deepa’s comment on the blog and I visited the site after you posted your comment to double check if it was so.

  3. 5 Kavita

    Hi Shilpa, I checked. Your comment has been posted as well.

  4. 6 Deepa S

    Seems more like Bloggers against some Artist/Brand as opposed to a general forum.

  5. 7 shilpa

    yes deepa you are right this blog is very one sided. i posted a comment befor 3 they have not accepted it, but i see that they have accepted other comments after 3. not a fair fame here…..

  6. 8 Deepa S

    Yes I see my comment now. Thanks.

  7. 9 Kavita

    Hi Deepa, Your view would have been absolutely valid if they hadn’t posted any comments that speak against the blog/post. However, I’ve just checked and it is not so. Your views as well as others who have counter points have been shared.

  8. 10 Deepa S

    Well that site actually approves comments and only then posts. So it seems very one sided and a safeway mode for online ranting by fellow supporters.

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