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Aarohi Singh is putting her art where her heart has always been. Poonchh is a collection of products created in aid of stray dogs. It will be showcased at 100Ft restaurant, Indiranagar, Bangalore on the 10, 11 and 12 February 2012. A great way for those who feel for the cause to show their support by bringing home products that would create a more humane future for stray dogs.

Poonchh featuring Honey.

Aarohi says: “I want people to carry the products around, and for the products to become a talking point. Hopefully, that will set off a ripple effect, leading to increased awareness about strays, and translate eventually into better and more humanitarian care for the dogs.”

VoSD says “VoSD mobile hospital offers free services for Stray Dogs, on location across Bangalore, including Animal Birth Control (ABC) surgery, Road hit and accident attention and recuperating kennels for up to 8 dogs initially.”

Aarohi says: “Stray dogs get a lot of bad press, which they do not deserve…after all, they are really community dogs, which protect our streets from intruders. There is a need to educate people at large about the positive role of strays, and this is one way for me as an artist to do so.”

Aarohi with a bag from her collection

Aarohi says: “I have known and interacted with VoSD and its founder, Rakesh Shukla, for the last couple of years and I have seen up close their tireless efforts and deep commitment to the cause. I am confident that every penny that goes into the VoSD coffers will go towards the welfare of strays.”

> The Poonchh Collection from ArtByAarohi will be showcased at 100Ft restaurant, Indiranagar on the 10, 11 and 12 February 2012. 50% of the profits from the sales of every item in the Poonchh Collection will go towards the welfare of strays in perpetuity, particularly towards spaying and neutering them. For more information:
Aarohi Singh – ArtByAarohi – ; Ph: +91 98801 98814,
Rakesh Shukla – The Voice of Stray Dogs – Ph: +91 99450 41426,


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  2. Great stuff and a brilliant concept. Good luck.

  3. lovely stuff. keep it up.

  4. 4 Tushita

    Love your spirit to help through art and products. Splendid!

  5. love it

  6. Loved the concept! Tweeted abput it too:)) More power to Aarohi. And well done Kavs:))

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    Really nice ! where could i get your stuff in delhi? and Honey looks adorable.

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    very nice!

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    great stuff. keep going. we both went thru the site. lovely

  10. Thank you Kavita 🙂 And a big doggy hug on behalf of VoSD and the strays. Woof Woof!!

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