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Bhagyanath C – Ventriloquism
Kashi Art Gallery Archives, December 12, 2010 – January 7, 2011

The series delves into the theory of Evolution and the awareness of the shared fate of the beings of the world. This interaction between Pig and Man seemed so peaceful and complete – no foreignness in their touch, only familiarity one would show someone they are connected with or deeply understand. Poetic.

Secret dialogue -17 Charcoal on paper and transparent sheet, 17” x 22”, 2010

T.S. Satyan – Recorder of Life, Beauty & Truth
Via Tasveer Arts

I was charmed by the title, Recorder of Life, Beauty & Truth. This picture captures it for me. The umbrella, the books, the stance, the boys milling behind this boy. It’s a simple moment filled with life.

T.S. Sathyan, Dakshina kannada, Karnataka, 1975

Sealed Fountain
By N N Rimzon
I do not know NN Rimzon wished to communicate with this piece. There is no literature along with this piece. The title states Sealed Fountain. Makes me think of an unfulfilled life perhaps, and the figure that lies beside it, sprouting at the head, potential, yet not nourished to be fertile and give fruit.

Sealed Fountain, Bronze and Fibreglass, Dimensions: 68 x 61 x 51

Priti Vadakkath – “Reliving The Past With All My Might”
Kashi Art Gallery Archives, July/August 2011

Ajai Vadakkath says “‘Reliving The Past With All My Might’ is the yearning to go back and recapture all that was lost in the growing up process; that simple and naive barbarism that spurred the mind to imagine beyond the real. The toys are emblematic of this irretrievably lost freedom – the freedom to imagine: without any fear.”

I understand that – the cautiousness of being an adult, the doubt that seeps in. Priti’s series makes me feel like I am seeing the ghosts that adults turn into, with only the toys having vitality and colour. But isn’t that also a skewed adult perspective. Do children view childhood with as much love? I remember being a child and wishing I could be an adult so I could have freedom from the choices of others.

Reliving The Past With All My Might 4 paintings - each 60 x 40.5 inches,Watercolour on 640gsm Arches Paper,2011

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