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This is a 2008 documentary by Hinterland Films on The Musalman.

The Last Calligraphers from Hinterland Films on Vimeo.

Via 100 Hands.

Global Voices says :”The earliest forms of newspaper were handwritten and now ‘The Musalman‘ probably is the last handwritten newspaper in the world. This Urdu language newspaper was established in 1927 by Chenab Syed Asmadullah Sahi and has been published daily in the Chennai city of India ever since.”

This was a more recent report on The Musalman.

Via Global Voices

4 Responses to “Caught my eye > The Musalman”

  1. 1 rushda

    does anyone know arabic calligraphy teachers in mumbai ?

  2. When everything around us is getting computerized, it’s really worth appreciating that somebody is actually painstakingly writing so beautifully. Urdu script is a work of art by itself. Kudos to their effort!

  3. 3 Diksha Chopra

    to keep the tradition alive….. its a passion that actually does it

  4. 4 sneha khemka

    very very commendable……it must be such an effort but i am sure the teams love for the venture makes everything possible…..

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