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PUNARNAWA CRAFTS is committed to Odisha Crafts. Loved the simple details and the vibrant colours. Find them here.

Mohni Basketry/Applique Pouches

Bena Fan/Chidiya Tote

Laptop Pouch/New Harvest Bag

BOHO GYPSY – Happy and simple pieces one could wear or carry everyday. Find it here.

Happy Warrior Necklace

Salma Tribal Bag/ Happy String Sandalwood

Red Gypsy Lover

PLAYCLAN – Liked their inspiring people journals – the plain ones – there’s another size that has text on the front over as well. Also enjoyed the chawl illustration, Ghalib’s home in Ballimaran, the nimble-fingered flower sellers and the punctual dabbawalas from Mumbai. Find them here.

Journals, A5 size

Journals, A5 size

61c – The Panchatantra Collection. Celebratory, yet understated and elegant. Perfect for auspicious occasions. Find them here.

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  3. You have a great blog that I loved reading…Keep up the good work.. My artblog where I papercut might interest you and my behance link too .Do have a look and let me know your comments.

  4. I am quite pleased with this one. Thanks for sharing post and as always, it’s a perfect little composition! I love your work!

  5. Houlala! I love the journals! And the happy warrior necklace too! I think I’m going to spend lots of money very soon! 😉

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      Glad you liked the picks Marilay. Was just reading your blog, found it very interesting.

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