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The toys of my childhood were often assembled with things lying around – newspaper for boats, pebbles for pittoo, chalk for hopscotch, walls for four corners, trees to climb, paper for kites, twigs and rubber bands for slingshots. Toys today are store bought, often hi-tech, tagged according to age group and pre-created. When Rajiv Majumdar […]

A year ago, in the living room of Jyoti’s apartment, I watched her perform The Doorway for an audience of one – me. It stirred me, in a way that I could not understand or place words to. It is an intense, involved experience and the interpretations are as much ours as hers. The project […]

Chhau is a dance-drama form prevalent in Eastern India. There are three major forms of Chhau, each known by its geographic location. These are Purulia Chhau of West Bengal, Mayurbhanj Chhau of Orissa and Seraikella Chhau of Bihar (now Jharkhand). Although they are all known as Chhau, their styles differ considerably in terms of their […]