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Preethi Sukumaran, founder of one of my favourite brands – Krya, asked if I would write a guest post for her blog on why I love handloom fabric. Preethi, thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. And for all your generous words. Hug. Click here for the post.

If you had signed in to receive Indian By Design posts as they are published, you probably just received a whole lot of updates for posts that were unfinished. I was changing a few settings and some of my older draft posts published as a result. They have been returned to the draft folder and […]

This is a 2008 documentary by Hinterland Films on The Musalman. The Last Calligraphers from Hinterland Films on Vimeo. Via 100 Hands. Global Voices says :”The earliest forms of newspaper were handwritten and now ‘The Musalman‘ probably is the last handwritten newspaper in the world. This Urdu language newspaper was established in 1927 by Chenab […]

Materials are given second lives in India everyday. Newspapers into peanut cones, old saris into quilts, jeans into storage bags, vegetable peels into compost. Sahil Bagga (College of Art, 2002, Politecnico di Milano) and Sarthak Sengupta (NIFT 2001, Politecnico di Milano) researched on farmers spinning left-over fabric strips (Katran in Hindi) from cloth mills into […]

British Council Arts did series of interviews with those within the design sector on what the design industry in India is all about and where is it headed. I found Laila Tyabji’s thoughts especially enlightening. Design Industry in India by Laila Tyabji from British Council Arts on Vimeo. More interviews here.

To copy is to kill one’s own source of creativity. True inspiration is about admiration, respect and progress. About interpreting what you like, to create something altogether new and often unrecognisable from what inspired it. If it looks exactly like what inspired it, it is a copy or a lack of imagination. I hope all […]

For me luxury means the ability to surround yourself with an abundance of pure and natural materials.” – Anita Lal, Creative Head, Good Earth