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A few months ago, I stumbled across an interesting Indian blog, Wearabout, that documents Indian street fashion, individual style and the work of 26 year old photographer Manou, who runs it. He has a good eye for colours and an ability to find something aesthetic in everything. Here are a few images from the blog. […]

Photographer Bharat Sikka’s Indian Men is a fascinating study of urban men from the sub-continent. I could imagine someone I’ve met, known or seen in each one of these photographs. Presenting his stirring series.

Memories of childhood are often about simple things; streets and lanes you grew up in, friends you spent time with and the games you played. Diptanshu Roy belongs to a joint family, grew up with 15 odd cousins living in the same house. As kids, they spent hours together, playing with simple toys, and that […]

*An Indian By Design Exclusive* A photographer by interest and instinct rather than by profession, Srikanth has a great eye for subjects and situations. I have three of his prints hanging on my wall at home and am featuring many more here.

*An Indian By Design Exclusive* I came across Zubin Pastakia’s work in the Spade Journal. His study of Mumbai was refreshing, and refrained from talking of its old charm or it’s rushed populace, but seemed to focus on silent, perhaps unconscious conversations a city’s built strucures have with those who live in it or visit […]