Thank you for visiting Indian By Design. Hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

Answers to a few questions I have been asked.

How did Indian By Design start of? What is it about?

Indian By Design was created in January 2008 in response to conversations and discussions with architect friend Rajiv Majumdar. It was created to celebrate and share creativity in India/by Indians – all culled from what I saw, found or discovered through information shared by an increasing circle of wonderful souls. Ambrish Arora was wonderful and helped me with introductions. There wereΒ readers who also generously shared links. I wanted the blog to have a point of view and to be jargon-free. I hope that you find both.

Are you a designer/architect?

No. A career in advertising as a writer prepared me to edit my thoughts. I have had no formal design, art or architecture education. I learnt and still learn by reading, researching and mostly by having dialogues with those featured on Indian By Design.

Is there a team of people who work on Indian By Design?

Just me. No design team. No interns. No other writers. I sometimes use the word ‘we’ because the blog has developed a personality of its own so it demands that I treat it as an individual.

What does Indian By Design mean?

It’s about India and Design but it’s also about being Indian by being aware and included in the phrase was a sense of ingenuity.

Do you make money from Indian By Design?

No. The blog does not take in advertising and no money is made by posting or featuring anything on the blog.

Do you think blogging can be looked upon as a profession?

It could be. There are ways to monetize it, just like with any other media. What is important is originality, quality and consistency of the content. There are advertisements, sponsorships, partnerships that one could bring in. And then of course, consultancy, speaking or writing opportunities that could arise because one develops a voice in the field. The latter, I believe, is where a blogger could make it a profession in the true sense.

Where are you based out of?

I started the blog while in Bangalore, it grew as I moved to Mumbai, nourished me while in London, and remains part of my life after I got back to Mumbai.

How do you pick what you will feature?

It is largely instinctive. I usually know it when I see it. The common qualities may be a sense of integrity in the work, a contribution to its genre, an interesting perspective, a clear sense of aesthetics.

Do you make anything?

I draw, sew and love craft. I love learning new things. The most recent have been printmaking, paper cutting, interior styling.

Is this your only blog?

You’ll find a few more on the Blogs page.

How do I get in touch with you?


Have a lovely day.
Kavita Rayirath


featuring my old mumbai home. pics by me.

featuring my london home. pics by me.


167 Responses to “About”

  1. Really it’s an amazing and awesome blog.

  2. Every weekend i used to pay a visit this web page,
    as i want enjoyment, as this this site conations truly good funny information too.

  3. 3 Sheena

    I never fail to find gorgeous design thanks to your blog. The brass kitchenware you recently posted is one of my favourites so far! Always looking forward to your posts.

  4. 4 Sarika

    Hi! This is the first time I visited your blog.
    T’was awesome n inspiring to see creative India!

  5. Its really heartening to see a lovely blog here. Touched to hear that you are true to what you are doing for the purpose of the people at large to know about design and great visual items.

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  6. 6 S

    Absolutely lovely blog, Kavita! Skimmed through it on a couple of earlier occasions but really having a proper look now- it may keep me up all night.


  7. 8 soabkhan

    great work………………….:d hmmm…..good ……

  8. 10 Auro

    really appreciate your style of blogging , there is something special about it , very informative .Would love to follow you .
    Cheers Auro.

  9. 12 shaari

    Hi Kavita,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m a big fan of your blog…simply love it. Each time I visit it…I end up being more ‘India proud’ πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!!
    Will be back for more (Just started following you on Pinterest too!)


  10. Hi Kavita,
    Great work and very good blog. I discover your site today and place a link in my WordPress directory

  11. Dear Kavita, Wonderful blog.am fidha on ur pics.a great Work dear.Am frm bangalore & have A retail store..lot lot to be learnt frm u & ur blog.plz do guide me from where can i source art & hand made things for my shop.plz mail me.e-mail:jyothi_hemanth@yahoo.co.in.
    luv u.:-)

    • 16 K

      Thank you Jyothi. On sources, everything I like I share on this blog and on the Indian By Design facebook page. Plus there are a lot of wonderful blogs on Indian design that share lovely work too. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of talented people for your store within all of that. I wish you all success.

  12. 17 Arunima

    Hi Soni,

    Love the nandi runner.(what is it with me and cows?) !!!
    Great job as always. London seems to be suiting ya:) love and huggs.

    • 18 K

      The Nandi runner was lovely, did you get one for yourself? Hope you’re well. Great that you keep stopping by. Hug.

  13. Hi Kavita
    I managed to peek at some interesting photos and things you uploaded via Facebook Via a friends page.. I used to be in advtg too, in fact with Ogilvy. I came across your blog via surfing thru other stuff. I love your sense of style, your unique approach to design – if i were to describe it- its artistic with simplicity combined with utility.. Its very refreshing, easy and approachable and some of the ideas you pose are doable and extremely nice.
    its a very feel good sorta of page and I am glad i found a page like yours.



  14. 21 Yogeswaran

    Dear Kavita
    Brilliant job. Your passion is visible. It is admairable. God bless you for the good work. Art and craft of all forms have healing power at individual, collective and global level. It put us on the path towards the search of the ultimate truth and peace.
    I am an engineer born in Sri Lanka and now a citizen of South Africa. Having worked in the development arena for the past 30 years and having gained substantial knowledge in various fronts, it is my interest now to put this knowledge and network to work for the benefit of youth in their search for their space in the green- knowledge economy. This is achieved through the application of art- craft -science -technology -innovation and entrepreneurship towards building the green -knowledge livelihood, lifestyle and the economy. It is about socio-economic and ecological innovation for sustainability, justice and equity. Our job is to assist and help create an enabling environment for youth learning, innovation, exploration and experimentation and in the process they re-design everything, from product, service, process …to lifestyle systems. While corporate and powerful nations are creeping into this space, it is our believe that the youth at the local level will be able to do a better job of social -economic and ecological justice and equity.
    With this in mind, the aim of this communication is to establish a working relationship with your network for further exploration of this avenue.
    kind regards
    yogeswaran e-mail:kyogeswaran123@gmail.com

    • 22 K

      I agree. It’s very healing. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a lovely aesthetic quality in everything. Do keep me posted on your work.

  15. Hi kavita,

    Nice blog, and thankyou for writing about indian designs. I am crafter too and recently started blogging and realised that not many people write about indian crafts and arts in blogosphere…

  16. 25 SangeethaPriya

    Dear Kavita, Wonderful blog.truly inspiring initiative.the content is of such a good standard, it fulfills the lack of good research journals on Indian design.
    I am a student of architecture, heartfelt thanks from our side….

  17. this is a great Designs blog. its great to observe how Indian design is evolving further, document it the way you have. its an area close to my heart too, but admittedly, i didn’t do as much πŸ™‚ – consider me definitely a follower of india by designs blog now. great job.

  18. Dear Kavita,

    I am an editor by profession but an avid architecture/design voyeur. I love seeing what other people’s taste in their design and homes are.

    While I follow a number of international design blogs, I have never been able to find one that was Indian. Today I decided to be aggressive about my search, and see I have hit gold.

    Your blog is JUST THE THING I was looking forβ€”Indianness. Its wonderful.

    Great photos and design.
    Best wishes


  19. nice blog kavita. I am from bangalore and I make lovely smocking frocks for little girls.see my blog cherries.inc

  20. I stumbled this page coing from yahoo. Well it didn’t match my critera I searched it is safe to say this was an interesting read.

    • 34 K

      I love how serendipity makes our lives so interesting. Glad it brought you here. πŸ™‚

  21. 35 Vanshri

    Love your blog Kavita – its not only the content thats sooo interesting but also the clarity of pictures, the Layout, the wonderful style of writing & ofcourse the amazing presentation.
    Looking forward to many more years of the same.
    Interiors by Design

    • 36 K

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts Vanshri. : )

  22. 37 ravishp

    Hi there,

    Do check out some of our stuff at the link below



  23. Kavita delighted to find your blog! We share a common love for contemporary Indian design! You write about it – I source and sell it in the UK. We should meet!

  24. simply good work…
    i like your initiative

  25. 42 Shatabdi Biswas

    Hi Kavita,
    Its very interesting to come across your blog, its a very en-lighting and shows that india has really gone forward in term of Designs.

    I m a NIFT, Bangalore student and doing a research on Indian designs- Rajhastani and Islamic , its a comparative study about the evolution and their influences. Could you put in your views on it, I would love jolt down few of your thought for my research work.

  26. I went to the Sasawne Village near Alibag to visit the home and studio of the legendary sculptor Mr. Vinayak Pandurang Karmarkar (1891-1967) alias Nanasaheb who has sculpted some very famous figures in India. The realism of the figures that is charming and amazing at once is what strikes anyone. The subjects range from famous personalities to common subjects like fisherfolk, servants, domestic animals and family members. This part of Konkan is known for the Ganpati idols made in almost every household. Karmarkar’s painting of Shivaji in a temple caught the Collector’s eye and his life changed thereafter. His patrons include Otto Rothfield, Rabindranath Tagore, Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur and many other heads of the princely states of Baroda, Gwalior, Gondal, Sangli, Miraj & Phaltan. There are several books and websites that have information on this celebrated, sensitive Indian artist, but a visit to the home and studio at Sasawne is a pilgrimmage for realistic sculpture lovers.

  27. 46 Amy

    Great blog!!! i really liked =D

  28. 48 Neha Sanghvi

    Hi Kavita,
    Can You Please give me your email id?
    Would want to send me our studio profile.
    Thanks, Neha Sanghvi

  29. 50 Michael


    love ur blog.
    on a recent trip to India i came arcoss alot of fusion brands. One brand that stood out for me was Anokhi. Do you parhaps know of any similar brands to this one in India?


  30. Hi,

    I love your blog, and am fascinated by the progression of India whilst maintaining Indian traditions!

    Check out my blog: DecadentPhoria

    My third year undergraduate project completed at University of Nottingham, came in Blueprint magazine. Check the links below to see my work.




    Get in touch,


  31. 53 Kavita

    Thank you Alex. I will check the link.

  32. I think this is a great effort to give a contemporary face to indian design – Next time you are in the neighborhood, pop into Bungalow 8

  33. For some reason my link does not seem to be working…here is my blog http://ofindianorigin.wordpress.com/

  34. Hi Kavita,

    This is a great blog you have going here. I have just stepped into the world of blogging and your blog has really been an inspiration. Linking you on my blog!


  35. 59 karteik


    you are doing great job…
    identifying the work, which represesnts indian art & design in today’s time is a need. it’s an interesting blog for the people who love the subject.


  36. Hi Kavita,

    Love your blog! A whole lot of inspiration out here! πŸ™‚ Great to see Indian design showcased so beautifully.

    Do have a look at our new website http://www.trendsinsight.in. It’s all about authentic Indian trends. Would love to hear your feedback!


  37. Love your blog!

    I would love for you to check out http://www.varyadesign.com.

    We are based in New Delhi and would love your feedback.




  38. 65 Kavita Nair

    I am so glad I discovered this thru Runjhun. Looking for some design ideas for my new house and was coming to a dead end as all are so predictable and not unique ! Loved your house – so warm and inviting. So did Ashwiny’s – riot of colours ! Looking for someone who could help me with my home in Mumbai. Realised u are in London now. Would u be able to recommend ? Thanks a ton

    • 66 K

      We’ve exchanged mails since then. Hope the house turned out great. : )

  39. Hi Kavita

    I came across your blog today, and you have put together some amazing content, There is a such a wealth of good posts here to read through.

    I will look forward to seeing more.


  40. 69 rajni dhanda

    i always feel home should b simple cozzzyyy…..urs is perfect example..simple hand made thigs ,some colors..all natural..ur r done….but of course shld have taste…keep it up:)

  41. 71 Neha

    Nice Blog Kavita! It’s nice to find fellow design/photography bloggers! πŸ™‚ cheers! Adding you to my blogroll! πŸ™‚

  42. 73 Aarti Khandelwal

    Your blog is soooo cool! N thanks for the hospitality! πŸ˜€

  43. What a treat it is to go through this extremely interesting blog. It has inspired me to do something but what I don’t know-catalogue, collate, research or just appreciate and admire Indian design. πŸ™‚

  44. Great blog. Please keep it up. We are blogging from Chandigarh, India on issues of design, development and more. Please stay in touch.

  45. 78 Kavita

    Thank you all for your kind and generous comments.

  46. Glad to have stumbled upon such talented ad creative website, loved your post and will be a regular also would like to write about your blog on mine.


  47. 81 Anand Krishnan

    Hi Kavita
    I just discovered your blog. Its Brilliant! I dont know how youre doing it, but what a wonderful collection of lovely work. The talent, depth and breath is Amazing! I cant wait to check out your archives. If you ever planning to come to Malaysia, let me know; will show you what we have (or dont have) here.

    Anand Krishnan
    Kuala Lumpur

  48. Really interesting Blog ..!!!

  49. Hello Kavita

    Would like to get connected
    Pls give a shout..



  50. 86 Pankaj Chaudhary

    a million thanks for making this wonderful attempt! Its been a pleasure to read the posted content. I think, the long wait for getting a taste of contemporary Indian design world ends here….

  51. 88 Purvi

    hi kavita
    hope u r doing well.
    u now need to post some pics of your new home:) which iam sure will be as warm as your old home.

  52. 90 nagaraj vastarey

    Amazing attempt. Incidentally logged in here to discover all about design.
    Will visit you regularly.

    -Nagaraj Vastarey

  53. 92 puja chodha

    Hi kavita,
    Love your blog!
    I am a photographer/designer from Bangalore now living in New York. I am launching my label “mulmul” a line of leisurewear for Spring/Summer 2010 and would love for you to check it out. http://www.mulmulstore.com

  54. Discovered through facebook, love your blog – on my reader so I don’t miss any of the good stuff.

  55. 96 ashivasingh

    Hi !!

    You blog is so appealing .. i am a photographer ..would like to be associated ..thnks!n regards

  56. Sigh…your blog is such a sensory delight.

  57. wow!!!!
    loved ur blog!

  58. 102 suchi

    I just love the way you’ve done up your home, earthy, colors, and so personal. Amazing!

    p.s – Got the link via Kuhelee πŸ™‚

  59. 104 vk

    fantastic blog..keep up the good work.

  60. Just found your blog – great stuff here!! Looking forward to seeing lots more on Indian design!

  61. Nice site- love the new stuff that you keep putting up! Kudos!

  62. 110 Knita

    Hi, Kavita.

    Your blog is fantastic. Am very glad I had the pleasure of meeting you.


    Knita (Rasika’s friend)

  63. 112 nitasha

    Hi Kavita,
    I just discovered your website!!
    Great work and loads of stuff to browse through…….
    I just love it!!!

  64. 113 architect kalapi buch

    lovely dear….very inspirational compilation & have made me interest in youas a person and your sensitivity towards Indian overall Art Scene….Keep it Up & would look forward to meet you please. Can you come for a presentation and a talk ???

    • 114 Kavita

      Thank you for your kind remarks. I just moved out of India so it will not be possible to meet. As for the talk, the designers would be the ones you could ask. smile.

  65. 115 ranjith cpk

    good, great work

  66. 116 masalatee

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  67. Love your blog and what it stands for. I guess I’m trying to do something similar ,but with Africa in mind….keep doing what you do….xx

  68. 118 mayank mansingh kaul

    love love love this blog. its got so many things going on, its loads of fun

  69. Absolutely Stunning blog This one!
    I was just trying to Google some serious Indian Designers (of all sorts) and bumped upon yours…you have a great aesthetic sense, Shear designer merit…
    I have added your blog to my ‘following’ list…Keep the good work & yes just peep in my blog > http://designofobia.blogspot.com/ < …whenever you get time…The important thing for you to know is that we share ONE COMMON THING…& that is The tremendous THIRST TO DESIGN. πŸ™‚

    Keep exuding the Dashing Designer Instinct….as you have been doing till now…
    Bye & take care…

  70. 121 Jay Prajapati

    Hey hi this is jay a SID student from CEPT Uni..
    I saw your blog its great n helped feeding a lot of info.
    Thanks a lot n keep updating.
    Bye with regards.

  71. Hi,
    Fantastic blog. just looking for blog like this for a while.


  72. Great blog, but please keep posted new stuff! It’s been a long time πŸ™‚

  73. 124 stranger

    great job!!!
    congratulations on such tasteful compilations!!!

  74. 125 teresa

    I like your blog Kavita, it’s very interesting! I’m looking for some photos of the Devi Art Foundation and I sow you have some. Do u know if I can use them for an article I’m writing about India contempory art (for an Italian art magazine)?
    If yes and you have them in high res, please send to me.
    Thanks a lot!

  75. Well, This is the only place were i was able to see the jist of design in india.

    Good initative and happening place.

    Kamal R Sharma

  76. hi!!!

    loved ur blog…enjoyed reading it! am looking forward to more….i run a design firm…do have a look at our works and leme know what u think of it:)


  77. 128 shine

    Shine here How are you ? An artist from delhi college of arts
    keenly interested to visit your stores as well your shows . So invite me !
    thanking you in anticipation .

  78. I just wandered in and really like what I see.. will visit often!

  79. 130 Anurag

    This is a blog full of visual treats, Kavita! In two words, it’s aesthetically arresting! Truly appreciate all your effort. Much love, Anurag

  80. 131 Raina de Nazareth

    Hi Kavita,
    Just discovered your blog and love it!
    I’m mailing because I just went for a film screening today, part of the festival of Kabir thats happening in B’lore, until the 1st of March:


    thats the blog please check it out, dont know if you’ve coverd film before… these guys are doing loads of amazing stuff – a (brilliant) series of films, music, products etc.


  81. 133 Runia

    Soni dearest…
    why am i not surprised!!! Super job.
    Am sending link to some of my friends. really refreshing looking at the diff kinds of design featured.
    Dont understand the Rajiv apt though. Vastly overrated don’t you think?:)


  82. 134 Deepak

    Hi Sony,

    Good to see the house. Amazing work. Will you do my house? πŸ˜‰

    How’s life?


  83. great effort!

  84. I love your Blog! fantastic work..i’m a fan!

  85. 137 Rajshekar

    hey kavita!
    great blog… didnt know u had one. interesting entries too.. will follow it closely πŸ™‚ how do u find time from work to do all this??


  86. Hi Kavita, Lovely posts on your blog. I love your blog. And your home looks lovely… very warm & inviting!

  87. 139 Ashok Panwalkar

    Happy to come across this intersting blog. Looking forward to see more art forms.
    -Ashok Panwalkar

  88. 140 Seema

    Hello There,

    Vinod had mentioned that your Mumbai home was beautifully done up.Have never visited this page earlier and now got to see that he was right.Love the touch of the vibrant coloured cushion in the midst of the other white ones. Your place looks really cozy.

  89. Hi Kavita,
    thanks for the visit to my blog (which I resolve to update more frequently this year!)
    Your blog is wonderful. Need some time to explore it – just getting started.
    signing up for updates πŸ™‚

  90. Dear kavita,
    Thanks for featuring windowseatdesign as your’fellow Indian blogger’and thanks for the comment on the hand painted cupboard.
    This hand painted cupboard has given me a chance to paint my friends house too. so that should be fun.
    I am in the process of creating a website called TYPOTANTRA. Will let you know as soon as its up.
    Would definitly require comments from my fellow indian design bloggers like you, artnlight and masala chai.
    Thanks once again

  91. hi there, gooooood work for this blog, i love it…

  92. 144 naveen jain

    hey hi,

    u have done a fantstic job on this blog , keep up ur gud work , would appreciate if can post the email id or contact no of rajiv mazumdar and urself , coz i am looking for a interior consultant to help me with doing my residence . thanks ..

  93. 145 Mandavi

    Hi Kavita,

    Like you, I too love design in all its forms. I soak it up from magazines, books, art galleries, stores and now even from blogs! I did up my house recently and would love to send you some pictures but couldn’t fine your email on this site. We were featured in Inside Outside about a year ago.

    Best of luck

  94. 146 kunal shah

    excellent blog. am a designer myself (interior design and architecture). loved samira rathod’s daughter’s bed and rajiv majumdar’s living room!

  95. 147 manushi

    your blog is one of my favourite hangouts…have added it to my blogroll ’cause want to come back again…
    a soopercurious designstudent πŸ™‚

  96. Hi Kavita,

    Lovely blog. Do drop in to the key bunch sometime. Found you on Indiblogger.

  97. real good work
    i m surprised someone can design so innovatively.
    iwill keep seeing ur work.bye

  98. 151 Satya Viswanathan

    this is a great blog. its great to observe how indian design is evolving further, document it the way you have. its an area close to my heart too, but admitedly, i didnt do as much πŸ™‚ – im definitely a follower of your blog now. great job.

  99. 152 Cara

    hey there

    omg your work is amazing πŸ™‚

    im currently looking to choose what i want to do at uni

    and to create images and art works such as the ones you have, is something id love to achieve and possibly start some kind of career in.

    did you do a degree or go to college to learn all this? if so, where?

    and do you have any inspirations?

    would be most helpful if you could help me by answering these Q’s πŸ™‚

  100. I came. I saw. I got hooked.

    May i add you to my blogroll?

  101. 154 Sanjeev

    your blog just rocks ! keep up the good work…..

  102. 155 sujata

    love everything i see on the site, very impressed

  103. 156 Bhautik

    Mota ben..
    Lage raho..
    Hum tumhare sath hai πŸ™‚

  104. your article on the sirpur paper mills and the deviart foundation .. is poetic ,sesitive and soulful …..
    enjoyed reading it .

  105. Great job Mate. Fab job. keep it up and u have one more regular visitor.

  106. 159 Suren

    Nice! Loads of stuff at the blog! Now I know why you are online at odd hours … it’s to write a thesis of a different kind πŸ™‚

  107. 160 mathatheist

    Thank you Guruprasad, Sakala and Jiri.

  108. 161 Jiri

    Love your blog.
    It is quite refreshing to read what you have been posting on this blog.
    I discovered it today. After seeing the masthead , immediately bookmarked this blog.
    Carry on the good work!

  109. great work, I guess all of us are like you, have an understanding for good and bad design, and simple aesthetics that come with time, exposure and knowledge seeking. I live abroad, and am proud of what Indians are doing.

  110. i’m thunderstruck!

    i need some time to digest this… and i’m definitely going to send this to people i know who will love it!

    i’m still speechless…

  111. love what you are doing kavita… the blog is shaping up so well! big hug!

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