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SPADE is a biannual journal that deliberates on architecture and design in India. Vol 1 was a treat to read as well as to look at. An absorbing, thought-provoking set of articles, extremely well-typeset, well-photographed. Written and put together by professionals in the field of architecture and design, this peer-driven journal has been so far […]

We, the urban elite, are today much more aware of the term ‘design’ than we were twenty years ago. In olden times, objects were attached to the expectation of value. Today it is foremost the accumulation of style, the act of surrounding the world around us with beautiful things. And that is the new meaning […]

What is good design? This gmail inbox I’m writing in is. The keyboard I’m typing on isn’t. My body is. A waterfall is. An Indian mud pot with a tap attached to it is. None pretend to be what they are not. And work wholeheartedly towards being purposeful with intent to be of use. Must […]