Just Found! Pardon My Hindi


Pardon My Hindi was started by Chiraag Bhakta back in 2002. Currently all the products in the PMH store are designed by him as well. He adds, ‘PMH is always looking for people to contribute an idea, whether a product, a graphic or a contribution to the e-zine (What’s the Samachar, that comes out 4 times a year). PMH is based in Brooklyn but has an online store where you can see everything on offer.

T-shirts and for men and women

Bags, accessories, buttons, stationary, silk-screened prints

Free Wallpapers you can download from the site.

Thanks for the link Shami.

4 Responses to “Just Found! Pardon My Hindi”

  1. u doing a good job !

    I really like your work. also like koustuv comment 🙂

  2. Hi, Runjhun told me about your blog & I have to tell you, its super cool. And thanx for the reminder on Pardon my Hindi, I have known their work for a while, but featured it on my blog just today 🙂 Mentioned your blog as well. Looking forward to seeing more stuff, will drop by often.

  3. 3 Koustuv Chatterjee

    Bhery bhery cool!

  4. Thanks guys! Hopefully you’ll see more pmh soon.

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