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Aarohi Singh is a self taught artist. She paints in Oil, Acrylics, Watercolor, Pastels and works on Paper, Canvas, Metal, Cardboard, Wood, Fabric. Ambika from Little by Little(lovely girl, much potential) mentioned her. So I checked her website. I like what Aarohi’s done with the trunk and chair and the kettle. Her paintings though didn’t make it to the list or catch my eye, except a series of cows which was interesting.

Kathakali Trunk

Kathakali Trunk

the chequered past kettle

the chequered past kettle

the tota balti

the tota balti



Aarohi’s three day exhibition event is on at the Cha bar,Oxford Book Store, Leela Gallaria, Bangalore. This exhibition showcases her latest work. Her other works are featured on her site.


5 Responses to “Now Showing > Aarohi’s Kitschy India”

  1. 1 laya

    hi !

    i read about aarohi in femina. ive been searching for similar pictures. In your face – colourful-kitschy pop art-and totally indian.
    it would be useful if if someone has links to similar kind of art on the net.

    thank u so much !

    pl e mail me if u have any links..


  2. 2 laya

    hi ! i read about aarohi in femina. i was wondering if u may have links to more such graphic/ in your face indian kitsch art ? blogs or websites perhaps…

    i ve been searching and searching. would be great if someone helps me !!

    thank you so much
    peace ,

    PS please e mail me the links if u have any..

  3. 3 Pankaj

    I read about this exhibition at Rang Decor and checked out Aarohi’s website. Unlike many other people who had commented on the website, I was not impressed. I have seen works of many local artists in Rajasthan (my mother is from the state) that are extremely talented. I hope those artists would get an avenue to display their art and crafts someday. When it comes to painting and arts, I would recommend to go and shop local.

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