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A few months ago, I stumbled across an interesting Indian blog, Wearabout, that documents Indian street fashion, individual style and the work of 26 year old photographer Manou, who runs it. He has a good eye for colours and an ability to find something aesthetic in everything. Here are a few images from the blog.

> On the Indian Street

> McLeodgunj

> Photography assignment for a new indian brand, Tuchi, and shoes from Karan Berry

> The Joker shoot (done with an fcuk shirt and a Rs200 waistcoat from mcleodgunj, shot in a bathroom)

< More on the wearabout website. You could also follow the facebook page, Wearabout. >

7 Responses to “Just spotted > Wearabout”

  1. 1 prabuddha

    ..intersting !!

  2. Awesome pictures! But the 2nd man on the right, right at the top – what the heck? LOL.

  3. 3 Manou

    Thank you Kavita for the feature and others for the appreciation!
    Desiderata, i like your blog…the subtle ironies and humor.

  4. This is fantastic. I applaud anyone who embraces fashion here in India; it’s not easy at all, given the climate, the eve-teasing, the staring, the lack of footpaths and the general environmental inhospitability to fashion. I wish I could do it.

  5. 5 Dipti

    Very interesting site. Thanks for sharing

  6. Thats such an awesome blog… I’m off to check out street fashion now!! 🙂

  7. beautiful pics, thanks for the link. 🙂

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