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Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer is a nature evangelist. A nurturer much like Dickon in the book, The Secret Garden. His children’s book, Let’s Plant Trees, is filled with Vinod’s charming sketches to show the true saviours that trees are in our life. The book comes with a gift of seeds that literally helps sow a love for trees in a child.

>> A review of the interesting launch of the book can be read here. The book is published by Tulika and is available at Strand, Mother Earth and Books for Change. Let’s Plant Trees also has a blog. Vinod also promotes Trees for Free.

2 Responses to “I support > Let’s Plant Trees”

  1. cute illustrations!!….and a beautiful idea to place the seeds in the book!!



  2. Sometimes I look back at the commercial world I belonged to, with a touch of nostalgia…cos it is there I met you guys:) I am so glad to have known Vinod and you K !:)

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